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Five years ago, when Search Engine Optimization was still young and Bruce Clay's famous Tech Tips page was still little known, the idea of hiring an in-house Search Engine Optimizer was far and none. With more Internet adoption year after year, thousands of companies either have someone learning...

Optimizing Facebook Pages

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Let's talk about Facebook for a minute. Three years ago, we were customizing MySpace layouts and working with the Fox Network on CPA and CPC programs for MySpace and other social websites. Unless you're in the music or sexy t-shirt industry, MySpace may not be the best social network to be...

Business Reviews Improve Local SEO

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As you may have read on a previous post we did, business reviews are on the top 10 list of David Mihm's Top Local Ranking Factors, a study that included a handful of the SEO industry's top Local SEO Experts.Reputation is important to Google, but we all know that reviews can be faked, which reduce...

Steve’s Ultimate AdWords Filter

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Working the new Google AdWords interface has been a bit of a learning curve for many people, as compared to using the legacy version, with all sorts of dynamic Flash-driven functionality going on while you try to work within the browser. Today, I spent some time looking at the new filter...

Google Adds Search Volume Trends to AdWords

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Click to enlarge the image above and you'll notice several new attributes Google has added to their AdWords Keyword Tool. The two new columns that stood out the most for me were: Search Volume Trends Highest Volume Occurred InTrend data showing up during keyword research will save many of...

PageRank™ Sculpting

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The latest buzz in the world of Search Engine Optimization is a technique less informed SEO's are using in an attempt to push Google PageRank™ (also called Link Juice) to specific pages on a website, a technique known as PageRank Sculping. However, during his keynote at SMX Advance 2009, Matt...

The Most Important SEO Tactic

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Undoubtedly, the HTML Title tag that appears in the search engine results is the most important SEO tactic for achieving higher placement in the search engines. Keeping this tag under 66 characters will prevent the title from being truncated and using compelling and very targeted copy will help...

Should You Do Your Own SEO?

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Would you do your own plumbing or electric? Probably not. Deciding on whether to handle your own search engine optimization presents a similar dilemma. There is an exception to the complexity factor, which is if you are in the IT field and are familiar with web scripting, CSS, and comfortable...

Social Community Manager

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A friend of ours on Twitter recently asked about a Tweet we posted regarding not wanting to have the job of Social Community Manager (SCM), so we thought it prudent to write a post on the topic of Social Networking and hiring a part-time or dedicated SCM.Why Hire a Social Community...

LifeLock Celebrity Apprentice Viral Campaign

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One of our favorite exercises is tracking social and viral campaigns by other companies and testing the effectiveness of each (as best as we are able to).Today, a friend of ours from the local SEM services company Local Splash send us an email stating they had seen us on a video where Steve...

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