About Wiideman Consulting Group

Often referred to as “the agency’s agency”, team members of WCG have proudly served some of the world’s largest brands in e-commerce, service and franchise industries. WCG brings corporate search engine marketing expertise and leadership.

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Officially incorporated in January 2015, we have grown from being an elite team of SEM and SEO experts into a trusted provider of strategy and problem‐solving solutions for many SMB and enterprise businesses.

Our Team

Steve Wiideman, SEO Expert
Co-Founder and CEO

Professor Steve Wiideman

Steve drives the innovation of our company’s service offerings, including our SEO Roadmap solution introduced in early 2015. Steve has consulted for various enterprises and well-known brands for over 10 years, while playing key roles within multiple agencies and solution providers in the inbound marketing industry.

Specializing in SEO Strategy, Steve likes to organize search into specific disciplines broken down by business model. For natural search, Steve believes in only three fundamental requirements: Relevancy, Visibility and User Behavior. For local search, Data, Landing Page, Citation and Reputation are the keys to success.

These requirements are organized into our SEO Roadmap system with training videos and documentation by Steve and the team here at Wiideman Consulting Group, making the job of improving search result visibility simple and intuitive.

While serving as an adjunct professor at UCSD and CSUF, Steve’s also building the Academy of Search, while volunteering time to help improve transparency and industry standards as an agency trainer.

When not at work, Steve enjoys traveling with his family, reading historical fiction, and training his Padawan Jedi here in La Mirada, CA.

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Melissa Wiideman

Melissa Wiideman

Specializing in local search engine optimization and marketing, Melissa spends the majority of her time at the office making sure the team has everything they need to be successful.

Melissa handles duties that include finance, human resources, legal, and keeping “the boys” in line. Among the many hats she wears are administrative duties and event coordination.

Spending most of her career in online marketing working with her husband, Steve, at various agencies and solution providers, Melissa earned much of her experience in the local SEO space in the mid-to-late 2000s. Melissa has personally optimized hundreds of Google AdWords accounts for small businesses and provided recommendations to help improve results in location-based search results.

When she’s not at work, she’s a Girl Scout Leader, mom of two girls, caretaker and has an avid love of travel.

Daniel White
Vice President & Search Strategist

Dan White

In addition to being VP at Wiideman, Dan is also our Lead Forensic SEO and Client Consultant, managing and troubleshooting for nearly all clients while collaborating with our many valuable partners. Dedicated to remaining at the forefront of Search and Digital Marketing, he’s also our team educator, training and empowering companies and employees toward the essential goal of self-sufficiency.

Dan embraces an “everyday is a new challenge” worldview for businesses. When not engaged as a proficient problem solver, you’ll find him enjoying time with family, playing Legos with his boys, geeking out on astronomy, physics, art, guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, playing golf, live music, and food.

Bryan Fernandez
Creative Director

Bryan Fernandez

Bryan is the Creative Director at Wiideman, spearheading several initiatives involving brand design, creative strategy, and content marketing.

Bryan is solely responsible for our elevated appearance and voice in social media channels, designs all the creative elements for paid, organic and email campaigns, and plays a major role in the company’s rebranding initiative.

With ongoing involvement in professional photography, and a graduate of CSUF, Bryan enjoys cycling, watching crime documentaries and is a self-confessed Foodie!

Jessica Espinoza
SEO Content Analyst

Jessica Espinoza

As the Wiideman SEO Content Analyst, Jessica focuses on research and keyword mining, SEO Content analysis, building out website taxonomies, blog optimization, and is our go to for generating new business ideas and data-driven strategies.

She discovered her love for the tedious and rewarding work of research while preparing her senior thesis at Loyola Marymount University. A believer that valuable data must be applicable, Jessica thrives on translating complex SEO data into strategies that prove integral to business growth and development.

Hailing from the San Gabriel Valley in Southern California, Jessica enjoys Richard Preston books, gem hunting with her boyfriend, and spending time with kinfolk and friends.

Jouni Aldeeb
Web Data Analyst

Jouni Aldeeb

Jouni is our top specialist for all things data. As Web Data Analyst, he observes and reports on business performance via renowned industry tools that collect, measure, and analyze data. With these practices, he is able to provide solid Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), improve tracking and manage reporting for all clients and internal projects -- a mission-critical focus for informed and successful company decision making.

Jouni monitors the background and analytics of websites to highlight any web traffic changes, observe visitor behavior and address problems that affect conversion rates. He was born and raised in Syria, moved to the US in 2015, and graduated from California State University Fullerton (CSUF) in 2020. He enjoys watching travel documentaries, soccer games, spending time with friends, and acing world geography trivia.

Kristine Lee
Project Coordinator

Kristine Lee

As Project Coordinator, Kristine champions our client and team collaborative efforts. She oversees our project management system, intranet development, handles client intake and essential administrative tasks. Every worthwhile company effort requires a driving force to keep the team on task and accountable to timelines. Kristine is that force for Wiideman and continues to improve our processes and productivity.

Kristine grew up in the Philippine islands, enjoys cooking, painting, raising her two lovely kids, and holds a special love for her favorite co-worker: coffee!

Jeremy Kocal
Director of Content

Jeremy Kocal

Jeremy stepped into the Director of Content role with the aim of creating useful, engaging and entertaining content for brands and important causes. With degrees in English, Music and Theology, Jeremy built his approach to writing, podcasting, video production and blogging upon an entertainment career that includes Broadway’s Wicked, the rock band Queen and 20 years partnering with Disney.

Search Engine Optimization has transformed Jeremy’s approach to content production. He regularly guides companies through the critical elements of keyword-driven writing, best linking practices, YouTube channel management and creating marketing pages that drive thousands of users to our clients each month.

Jeremy has visited six of seven continents on this wonderful planet. Watch out Antarctica, you’re next! As a member of The Planetary Society and a graduate of Space Camp, he is an enthusiast and advocate for Space science and exploration. Mars and Europa, we're coming for you!

Our Partner in Brazil

Leo Peixoto
Partner - Wiideman Brazil

Leo Peixoto

Leo joined our team in October of 2016, worked 10-12 hour days to adjust to our complex views, systems and processes in the inbound marketing space, mastered it in two weeks and increased a client’s search performance by nearly 100%. This guy knows what hustle means and could teach Gary Vaynerchuk a thing or two about how to be awesome and yet humble at the same time.

Now a master of Local SEO and influencer outreach, Leo spends his days living and breathing in Buzzstream, AHREFS, WhiteSpark LCF, and other tools that help us assist our clients will off-page search engine optimization. His reports are insanely thorough with extreme attention to detail, try us out for a month to see for yourself!

You can probably figure out what Leo does in his spare time. We’re lucky to have Leo here at Wiideman Consulting Group, and NO you can’t have him!

Our History

As marketing practitioners, we grew up in the industry getting our hands dirty and burning the midnight oil as employees, freelancers and independent contractors.

We made mistakes and we learned from them. We took apart and put back together entire marketing strategies, testing, experimenting and improving our expertise in the various disciplines of search.

Under the leadership of SEO Expert Steve Wiideman, we came together to leverage that experience as consultants, bringing with us case studies, best practice lists and niche strategies for different business models. We became a synergistic team of marketing geeks all sitting within 20 feet of each other, working together to help our clients maximize visibility in search engine results.

From 2009, our official company name was Steve Wiideman, SEO Expert, offering strategy, consulting and support to SMB and top industry brands. The team went from two to three in 2012 and jumped to seven in 2015 with two offices here in La Mirada, CA, and a pool of contractors across the globe.

What Motivates Us

Many of us came from large agencies, watching clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for literally a few hundred dollars of actual work performed. We’ve watched startups spend every dollar they had on snake oil, never knowing what work was actually being performed. This disgusted us and became our motivation to create a solution that exposes the alleged “secret sauce” of SEO to clients and holds SEO practitioners accountable to ethical and Google approved techniques.

Having worked for companies as large as IBM and living the world from the film “Office Space”, our corporate culture is very anti-corporate. While organized and managed like the organizations our team has worked for, the atmosphere here is fun and casual. Jeans and nerdy t-shirts are acceptable dress attire. Music is always playing. There’s a putting green and some dumbbells for frequent “brain breaks”.

Our Mission

At Wiideman Consulting Group, we embrace the talents and unique personalities that make up our diverse team of consultants. It’s through the cultivation of each individual’s passion for digital marketing that we’re poised to provide the strongest level of expertise to brands of any size.

With our growth, we hope to reinvest our accumulated experience to provide free resources and guidance through content sharing and free tools to help educate businesses on start to end search strategy. Doing so makes us stronger, provides repetition and helps us grow as individuals.

Our Values

Passion is the primary driver of each individual at Wiideman Consulting Group. Passion for search, passion to learn, passion to grow, passion to create something that has never done before. We are passionate about our jobs, our friendships and about our goals. We are addicted to inbound marketing to the point of staying late to complete a project, always wanting to run experiments and test (scrutinize) SEO tactics and reverse engineering the best in the business.

Principles explain our high client retention rate and online reputation. We believe in meeting and exceeding client expectations, both in the delivery of promised strategies to ensuring our clients have everything they need to be successful. Accountability to results is paramount. If a client does not see improved search performance, we’ve been known to stay on at our cost until they do.

Profit drives our innovation and allows us to grow our team of experts, and we hold every employee accountable to reducing costs by streamlining processes, constantly seeking affordable operating tools (or building our own) and being an individual voice of the organization that ultimately results in referrals and word of mouth marketing.

Work with Us

Please call (562) 732-4417 to see how we can support your inbound marketing strategy through consulting or through our innovative SEO Roadmap program.

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