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Our niche SEO Experts will help guide you from strategy to execution in technical, contextual, and visibility disciplines of paid and natural search engine optimization.

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Audits & Strategy

Find out how our SEO audits, paid search reviews, and social media assessments can help improve your web traffic, engagement, and conversion rates - for less than you think.

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SEO Roadmap

Our innovative solution for businesses who want to control and manage SEO efforts in-house or have visibility to vendor activies related to an inbound marketing strategy .

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Learn why agencies across the globe choose Wiideman Consulting Group for building or improving inbound marketing services. Our end-to-end training can't be beat.

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Expert Witness

We provide our expertise and protecting the rights of innocent business and innocent agencies. If you are suing an agency or being sued by an agency, we can help.

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Event Speakers

Looking for a marketing speaker at your technology-related conference or event? We have experts with topics ready for SEO, SEM, Social Media & Usability.

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Wiideman Consulting Group Services

At Wiideman Consulting Group, our experts are grounded in the idea that creativity always beats strategy. There's nothing more exciting to us than toasting champagne after a major conversion rate win, or hitting the top of Google for a competitive search term. We are as passionate about our industry as we are at helping our clients become self-reliant through ongoing training, coaching, and guidance. Our gurus eat, sleep, breathe and bleed all things related to SEO, SEM, SMO, and anything related to search and social marketing.

SEO Audits and Strategies

Having the right strategy is paramount to the success of your inbound marketing efforts. Over the last decade, we have assembled over 100 SEO strategic plans for some of the world's most prominent brands, and seen many of our recommendations result in higher search placement, greater organic traffic numbers, and infinite return on investment. Though our audits are extremely well-structured, our reports are all created by hand and infused with creative suggestions that help level the competitive playing field. Several examples are listed below.

  • Obstacle Analysis Report - a comprehensive manual review of web crawler and user experience issues.
  • Competitive Analysis Report - a side-by-side comparison of your business versus top online competitors.
  • Link Analysis Report - an aggregated and filtered list of visibility opportunities for traffic and SEO.
  • Keyword Discovery Report - an aggregated keyword proposal based on existing data and competitor insights.
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SEO Consulting Services

There are certain character traits of inbound marketing consultants that stand apart from practitioners, such as patience, scrutiny, and a desire to fully understand a circumstance before jumping into a solution. We all cull from over a decade of hands-on work in our field, 18 hour work days, and sharing our knowledge through workshops and information products.

Our consulting service requires commitment your end with the execution of tasks, but we never leave your side during the process. From Day 1, our consultants begin asking questions and studying your competition. We use the first 30-60 days to compile a comprehensive strategic plan, which we review together to decide on proposed initiatives. Those initiatives become tasks in your project management system and we become the guide and oversight to assist in implementation, quality assurance, and performance reporting.

Our process is simple:

  • Assess & Plan - we'll create a strategy and game plan worthy that will eat your competitor's for breakfast.
  • Implement - using our innovative Roadmap system, we'll help you prioritize and manage pending tasks.
  • Test & Experiment - best practice aside, user behavior never ceases to amaze us. We'll test everything together.
  • Report & Pivot - real-time query and content data allows us to pivot at any given moment to maximize performance
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Event Speakers

Our speaker topics vary from SEO and PPC 101 crash courses, to advanced search engine optimization and strategic planning. Our team has donated countless hours of volunteer time to organizations such as OC Forward (for entrepreneurs), OC SEO Meetups, and California State University Fullerton, and spent professional time on stage at PubCon, OSMOSIS, FOLIO, and at niche events here in Southern California.

Call us at (562) 732-4417 to tell us about your event and how our thought leaders can help make the event one your attendees will be talking about for years to come.

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SEO Expert Witness

Whether you are an agency who delivered on promises and did not get paid or a business who feels cheated by an agency who did not deliver on promises, we can help. With half a dozen cases under our belts already, we comfortable standing up in court as an expert witness on your behalf. Our consultants carry degrees in our field and have been practitioners since the late 90's. At the moment, we have a 100% success ratio of our clients winning, much of which we can attribute to our expert testimony and in-depth account audit that takes place prior to the court date. Specialties include the following:

  • SEO Expert Witness - requires a full assessment of work performed and promised, email communication, and web analytics.
  • PPC Expert Witness - we'll need to review your paid search account performance and contract.
  • Web Content Expert Witness - we'll ask to see writing guidelines, performance reports, links to content and the agreement.
  • Social Media Expert - requires access to social media profiles, performance reports, and contract.
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Finding an SEO or SEM Specialist is easy. Finding either with experience managing corporate-level accounts with a proven track record of success is something completely different. Let our Procurement Specialists help you weed out the freelancers from those with a professional career in inbound marketing. Procurement services we offer include:

  • SEM, SEO and Social Media Assessments and Interview Support
  • SEO, SEM, Content Writer, Social Media & Link Building Job Descriptions
  • Helping with Finding Inbound Marketing Specialists
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Wiideman Consulting Group has helped shape many digital marketing agencies into well-oiled SEO fulfillment professionals. Our simple training programs include SEM, SEO and Social Media, following a simple agenda:

  • Phone Assessment & Asset Collection
  • Day 1 - In-Person Interviews and High-Level Training
  • Day 2- Group Sessions with Management, Sales, Content, Outreach & Analyst Teams
  • Day 3 - Recap, Quiz and Active Oversight

Agencies learn how to create an SEO Strategic Plan, including how to audit and troubleshoot. Managers learn how to organize and manage multiple accounts in a project management system. Our trainers will introduce multiple tools to automate many repetitive tasks, and provide templates we’ve used that improve efficiency in how search efforts are worked on and delivered to clients. Call today for more information.

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SEO Monitoring Service

Get peace of mind that your search engine traffic and rankings will not suddenly be affected by negative SEO, malware, injected spam, crawl / indexing issues, or other problems that could affect search engine signals. Learn more about our new innovative SEO Monitoring Service here. Plans start at $99/mo. with premium options that include DeepCrawl and OnPage monitoring.

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Recap - All WCG Services

Analyze your website with our SEO Audit tool, Stay ahead of your competition!

We live for custom requests, so our services are limited to the list above and below. However, these are the services that seem to be requested the most from our clients. Call us at (562) 732-4417 to discuss your current situation.

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