Inbound Marketing Strategy

Wiideman Consulting Group can help build an ROI-driven inbound marketing strategy for 2016 in less than 30 days, with actionable tasks segmented by Internet marketing discipline, all following Google Guidelines and FTC regulations.

Strategic Services We Specialize In

As consultants, we live for problem-solving. If your inbound marketing need is not listed in our core strategy list, contact us for a complimentary needs assessment.

Our two most popular strategies include our SEO Strategic Plan and our new SEO Roadmap (a DIY solution with support). Other inbound strategy options include:

Natural / Organic

Paid Advertising

Our Inbound Marketing Approach

We play by the books. While your competitors might find our “cards shown” approach weak or a vulnerability, our experience has proven to us time and time again that these are the competitors who are eventually penalized for participating in Link Schemes or fined for violating FTC rules.

We are the architects of inbound strategy. Our inbound marketing methodology begins with exhaustive research of existing data and competitor insights. You’ll know exactly what the competition’s strategy looks like, what is working and what is likely not. Your historical data will help us craft a campaign partially based on what has worked in the past, such as high converting search terms, display network placements that make for excellent inbound link opportunities for traffic and conversion, and social media activities that garner high engagement and new subscribers.

The SEO Community agrees our strategies may be the best you’ll find. Read what is the Best Boilerplate SEO Strategy on Quora for an example of how we work; note the number of votes by our peers (over 200 as of January 2016). This page we created on Quora in 2010 still ranks #1 in Google and includes an excellent breakdown of our inbound marketing approach:

  1. Plan – Engage with Peers & Team
  2. Research – Aggregate Competitor Backlinks, Study Market Demographics
  3. Analyze – Draft a Blueprint Strategy Matt Cutts Would Approve
  4. Optimize – Add Value/Create Awesome Content, Improve Conversion & SMM
  5. Report & Recalibrate

Training and Education: Our Unique Value Proposition

There is no “secret sauce” in an inbound marketing strategy. There are best practices and whatever clues search engines and social platforms provide us with in the form of patents, guidelines and individual support. We embrace an open inbound marketing culture and are grounded in the idea that education is the key to a successful strategy in any industry.

As you work with Wiideman Consulting Group, be prepared to learn why a task exists in our strategy beyond “because it’s what everyone does”. Our recommendations are always based on tests, experiments and documentation. Within each task, we try to provide external links to authoritative resources, along with a short video explaining the task and how to complete it.

Get Started on Your Strategy for Inbound Marketing

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