Multi-Location SEO Strategy

Start improving organic and maps/navigation visibility with an expert-driven Multi-Location Search Engine Optimization Strategy by Wiideman Consulting Group. Our audits and expertise in search have helped digital agencies win industry awards and assisted in increasing foot traffic to stores and offices of our individual franchise clients.

Our core competencies in local search include:

  • Vendor procurement for SEO management
  • Resource / employee procurement (in-house)
  • Platform recommendations for database inclusion
  • Platform recommendations for data syndication
  • Technical audit and action list for improving crawl and indexing
  • City and store / office template optimization
  • Local/regional and industry citation research
  • Authoritative content research and recommendations
  • Reputation review and mitigation recommendations

SEO Strategy for Franchises

Common challenges we see in franchise SEO include rogue locations (paying for redundant services or websites), budget allocations between paid and organic, and communication between corporate and the franchise about who is responsible for specific SEO activities.

Wiideman Consulting Group has helped clients through these issues, specifically automotive and retail clients, by helping create a consolidated strategy and (when applicable) a Franchise Portal for educating franchisees on what corporate is doing to optimize rankings, as well as what franchisees can do locally to support corporate without overlapping.

Monthly reports are typically set up with our assistance to provide franchisees with monthly ranking, traffic and conversion insights. Communications are sent out from corporate to the franchisees, alerting them of new placements and optimizations made to create an open environment for communication between the local franchise owner and corporate marketing teams.

SEO Strategy Multi-Location Businesses

Optimizing for multiple locations does not have the rogue franchisee problem franchises experience but may limit digital marketers to what can be done at point of sale and by local team members, since store managers aren’t required to be involved in digital marketing efforts.

Creativity is sometimes required to maximize rankings in the local Maps pack and organic results, particularly if there are content management limitations.

We have partnerships with several platforms that assist with landing page creation for both city- and store-level targeting. Below is an example of new traffic we were able to help create by deploying local store pages (Google Maps listings) and optimized city-level pages (organic results) for one of our clients:


White Label Solution for Agencies

Digital agencies have hired Wiideman Consulting Group to help with procurement and training for their franchise SEO services. We can work under our agency as a partner or carry your agency name for transparency (preferred by most reputable firms). During the training and hiring process, we’ll carry the weight as strategists and project managers, provided platforms and technical resources are in place to manage the fulfillment work.

Talk to one our Agency Trainers today for more information or to see how we can support you.

Talk with a Multi-Location SEO Strategist

Please call (562) 732-4417 or contact us online to schedule a complimentary assessment and introduction with our franchise and multiple location SEO strategists. These calls are between you and our specialists, not with a salesperson. Thank you in advance for the opportunity to help you with local search.

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