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Google Warns Bloggers to Nofollow Links Paid for by Free Products

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In a statement today (3/11/2016) on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google made it blatantly clear that buying a hyperlink using any type of bartering or exchange (bribes) with the intent to influence search engine rankings goes against Google guidelines on link schemes, and urged webmasters to add a...

Google Moves Their Webmasters Blog

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Historical Comments (and Links) RemovedThose in the search engine marketing field and many webmasters awoke today and found that Google had moved from their Webmaster Central blog from https://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/ to https://webmasters.googleblog.com/, and for those curious, yes...

C3 New York 2015 Recap

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Pest Control Franchise

C3 hosted some awesome speakers, but more importantly gave the Searchlight user community the opportunity to share thoughts and strategies. Also, Searchlight users had the opportunity to meet with their customer success managers and support teams.3 New Releases for Conductor...

How Google’s Proposed New Changes Could Transform The Future of SEO Forever

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Don't believe everything you read on the internet. Despite the web being a powerful communication tool and research platform, there's also a lot of internet junk floating around.Remember those internet memes about toilets flushing clockwise in Australia? Or how the Mayan calendar could predict...

Google Continues to Rank Spam Over Brands

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A Guest Post by Gabriel ReynagaGoogle has always given prominence to brands, therefore when performing a search for a brand name usually the first ten results to display are the website, followed by social media profiles, news articles and citations for local businesses. However, from time to...

Google Removes Scam from Autocomplete

Innocent companies and individuals won a great battle last week against competitors and former employees who saturate the Web with negative search term modifiers such as "scam" and "fraud", resulting in Google's Autocomplete suggesting the terms to unsuspecting users. A sigh of relieved was felt...

The Highest Form of Flattery

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Remember that kid who always mimicked everything you did, back in grade school? It sucked.  And what did your mom say when you complained about this leech?Odds are it was something like "copying someone is the highest form of flattery." That probably got your mom a massive, accomplished...

Google Hotpot Enters Social Local Space

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In case you missed it, Google launched its newest venture, an extension to Google Places: HotPot. Not to be confused with the term given to a style of cooking, Hotpot just went live officially late last week, but chances are you've seen some of the promotion long before now. Starting November 15th...

When is the Yahoo! and Microsoft Transition Date?

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Another question from the recent ClickZ webinar:When is the Yahoo! and Microsoft transition going to take place and once it happens what technology/interface will marketers be using to manage their PPC campaigns?Melissa Schnurstein from Yahoo! answered this PPC question. According to Yahoo!,...

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