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Coder Job Description & Job Requisition

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How to Hire an Expert Web Developer & Coder for Your SEO FirmA coder is a coder, right? Wrong. There are so many variables to consider when hiring someone as your in-house coder that it's almost impossible to figure out where to start. Programmers are a culture all of their own. Depending on...

Link Building Specialist Job Description

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Job Requisition for a Link Builder (White Hat of Course)Hiring a link building specialist isn't like hiring a coder. When hiring a programmer, if something breaks, you simply revert the code and try again; rarely will your revenue be impacted. However, when assembling a link building special job...

Exclusive Interview: SEO Advice from Neil Patel

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[embed][/embed]About Neil PatelFor those of you new to the search engine marketing community, Neil Patel has launched and optimized numerous online products, including CrazyEgg and KISSMetrics. Behind the helm of these successful businesses sat Neil...

Gary Vaynerchuk’s Keynote Video (ASW09)

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Hope you enjoy this keynote from Gary Vaynerchuk at the Affiliate Summit 2009 (Rio in Vegas) as much as I did....

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