Paid Search

Paid Search: PPC Advertising

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So you've optimized your website for higher organic/natural search engine placement and have realized that it's going to take awhile to see some traffic produced from the handful of keywords you are optimizing for. Hopefully your chosen SEO company set good expectations with you or right now you're...

My List of Negative Keywords for PPC

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Below you can get my popular list of negative keywords, also called negative search terms, used to improve your PPC campaign. This list may drastically improve your click-through rate (CTR), which in turn may improve your Adwords Quality Score or Yahoo! Quality Index significantly.Why is all that...

Google Tips for Optimizing PPC Spending

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Google wants you succeed. They want to help you make the most from your organic and Sponsored Ads campaigns. Why? Two reasons: They have plenty of money and don't need more of yours They want to return the best possible search results to their usersTherefore, when Google releases tips on how...

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

Analyze your website to test for common SEO issues that could be hurting your rankings.