Multi-Location SEM/PPC Strategy

Maximize your return on ad spend with multilocation and franchise pay-per-click strategy from Wiideman Consulting Group. Whether your accounts have become a mess or if you have not yet started advertising with paid search, our PPC Strategists have a perfect track record of helping yield a positive ROI within a short period of time.

PPC for Franchises – Easier Than You Think

Having personally managed dozens of franchise and businesses with multiple locations, there isn’t much our team hasn’t seen. We’re used to challenges and tough obstacles and, in fact, we live for both.

Whether you have two locations or 2,000 locations, we can build a manageable strategy for creating (or rebuilding), managing and automating paid search initiatives. The strategy gives you the bandwidth you need to A/B test, multivariate test and experiment with new landing pages and ad copy ideas.

Recent Case Study

One account we helped build a strategy for in 2015 involved a robust bid management system, a master MCC with regional MCC’s and one corporate MCC, all containing accounts for each individual store (over 100 total).

Having historical data and recent performance reports, we were able to identify a high-level action plan to see CPA improvements within 30 days, followed by a six-month strategy of optimizing individual accounts one at a time.

Within each account, we used a predefined checklist with action items such as the following:

  • Adding location exclusions on lower-performing zip codes
  • Adjusting mobile bids and mobile ads
  • Adding/negative-matching search term data from AdWords & Search Console
  • Adding search terms from the latter to landing page copy
  • Adding extensions to ad groups (site links, callouts, phone, local, etc.)
  • and more

This, of course, was a unique circumstance where the accounts were already set up and organized with a focus on higher-converting keywords. Every case will be different, and it’s not uncommon for us to suggest starting over in a new account when Quality Scores across the board have been historically low.

Why Choose Us to Build Your Franchise SEM Plan?

Our award-winning specialists have been featured in major publications including CNN, CNBC and Entrepreneur Magazine, all with corporate backgrounds in advanced pay-per-click advertising and cross-publisher bid management systems. In 2006, Steve Wiideman was the Search Marketing Account Manager for Disney Parks and Resorts Online (specifically Disneyland and Adventures by Disney).

Our group plays a role in the search strategy for a combined 4,000+ locations, assisting with both paid and organic search marketing initiatives. Trusted by Fortune 500 brands and agencies that manage enterprise accounts, you’re in good hands with Wiideman Consulting Group.

Reporting is a key component to making real-time decisions, as is having an easy-to-follow cadence for improving performance. With our strategy, you’ll be provided with copies of our reporting templates or support, molding your existing reporting into what may help you with ongoing campaign optimization.

Simplicity and organization are everything. There is nothing worse than an unorganized AdWords account or a lack of maintenance and optimization checklists. We’ll provide everything in our arsenal to help equip your PPC team with everything they will need to be successful.

We are platform pros, acclimated to Kenshoo, Acquisio and Marin Software. We also work with WordStream and other popular cross-publisher paid search management platforms and can help lock down campaign name consistency, budget strategy and integrated reporting.

Talk to a Franchise SEM Strategist Free

To get started with Wiideman Consulting Group to build a franchise or multiple-location SEM strategy with our PPC Strategists, simply contact us or call (562) 732-4417 for a complimentary consultation to discuss your current performance, KPIs and overall paid search goals.

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