Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy

It’s a known fact that efforts spent on Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) play a key role in long-term SEO and SEM strategies, and improving conversions is something we at Wiideman Consulting Group are known for. Our team has successfully assisted multiple brands with strategies that not only give user actions a boost but help build a cadence with usability and content teams allowing for data-driven ongoing optimization.

What’s Involved in a CRO Plan?

Our Web Data Analyst and Usability Specialist will typically start with a recorded review of your homepage and one or two critical landing pages, along with an assessment of historical and current data. Upon completion, you’ll have a list of action items to work with and possibly several tracking enhancements to make.

Review criteria may include the following (as applicable):

  1. Mobile-friendliness and AMP coding
  2. Load time and content delivery
  3. Simplicity of page
  4. Convincing and easy to find call-to-action
  5. Reduced navigation on signup or cart process
  6. Intuitive navigation
  7. Trust signals (testimonials, guarantees, security)
  8. Authority signals (featured news or publication logos)
  9. Discounting and pricing signals for B2C
  10. Informational, educational for B2B
  11. and more

Best Known for Creative Strategy

Using third party tools, any brand’s technical and contextual strategy can be replicated. However, it takes creativity to truly stand out against the competition. Imagine for a moment that your customers have your page and three of your competitors’ pages open in their browser. Which page will they choose to purchase or take action on?

Our CRO Strategists will help you research, test and experiment with new ideas your competition has yet to think of. Below is an example of a shopping cart experience we came up with that had a significant impact on conversion rate overnight:

Actual Conversion Rate Results

Below, we’ve listed several examples where our conversion rate optimization strategy services helped improve year-over-year results for our clients.

Real Estate: Property Templates & Request Process

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Real Estate-Related Website

Luxury Travel: Property Templates & Booking Process

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Luxury Travel Industry

Real Estate: Improved Keyword and IP Targeting

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Another Real Estate-Related Website

Sporting Goods: New CMS, Category & Product Templates

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Sporting Goods Industry

Electronics: Category & Product Templates, Checkout Process

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: B2B Electronics Industry

Heavy Equipment: Entire Conversion Process Overhaul

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Heavy Equipment Industry

Pest Control Franchise: Free Inspection vs Contact Us

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Pest Control Franchise

Solar Power: A/B Testing Landing Pages & Geo-Targeting

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Solar Power Industry

Retail / Apparel: Improved Keyword Targeting, CMS Upgrade

Conversion Rate Optimization Example: Retail - Apparel

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