E-Commerce SEO Strategy

At Wiideman Consulting Group, we know how many variables are involved in an e-commerce SEO strategy and have worked hard to create an assessment model built on simplicity and priority, so your SEO team can work on tasks that have most impact and least amount of effort first.

Our strategy for e-commerce search engine optimization typically includes technical, contextual and visibility segments for easy delegation to the various resources on your team. A top priority in our plan is landing page optimization, particularly at the product category and product detail levels.

What’s in an E-Commerce SEO Plan?

It takes our team approximately 20 business days to put a complete plan together for e-commerce organic search. The first week involves a lot of assessment and discussions, receiving access credentials and getting a firm grasp on the target buyer.

Once we have what we need to begin our research, the work begins. When completed, your SEO strategy may include the following (based on individual needs):

  • Shopping cart CMS assessment and technical audit
  • Category and product detail template audits
  • Competitor baseline (where you are compared to the competition)
  • Link analysis and strategy (toxic links, competitor-earned, etc.)
  • Keyword discovery and suggestions (based on data and insights)
  • Creative strategy to attract links and recurring searches
  • Social and video strategies to augment SEO efforts

Once your team has had an opportunity to review our strategy, Wiideman consultants will schedule a review call to answer questions and (if applicable) dive deeper into specific issues that could be impacting search rankings.

Talk With an E-Commerce SEO Strategist Free

Assessment calls are always on the house and never with sales teams. You’ll be speaking directly with an e-commerce specialist who will explain our strategy in greater detail and share recent case studies or examples that may be similar to your business. Simply call (562) 732-4417 or send us an email, and we’ll schedule the introduction. We know you’ll appreciate our customer service and non-sales-like approach to earning your business.

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