Online Reputation Strategy

Get control of your online reputation with an action list and online reputation (ORM) strategy from Wiideman Consulting Group. Whether you are trying to appear for your business name or trying to bury unfavorable results, our team can help.

Emergency ORM Planning

For the last two decades, our ORM Strategists have provided fast-track emergency solutions to celebrities, politicians and businesses suffering from harmful search results. We work closely with our clients to help implement tasks that quickly help them gain control of both Google Autocomplete and organic search engine results in Google and other engines.

Call us immediately at (562) 732-4417 to get a plan going if you fit this criteria.

Protecting Your Name

You have several options when it comes to handling the management of what appears in search for your name. From creating simple Google Alerts to outsourcing to a trusted provider who can monitor results on your behalf, we can help.

We have partnerships with many of the industry’s trusted, results-proven, online reputation firms. If completely outsourcing is what you have in mind, we can introduce you to companies we’ve worked with in the past. Our referrals come with our complimentary oversight. If we recommend someone, you can be that we’re going to make sure they deliver.

If you’re considering managing online reputation in-house (recommended), our ORM Strategists can create an online reputation strategy typically based on the following project life cycle (may vary based on circumstance):

  1. Baseline current results (organic & autocomplete)
  2. Decide on preferred autocomplete phrases and organic listings
  3. Fully optimize social profiles & listings, schedule ongoing posts
  4. Leverage PR and outreach to promote social profiles
  5. Leverage PR and outreach to promote the PR and outreach content
  6. Monitor results weekly or monthly

Burying Negative Results

When the online reputation issue is non-urgent but not favorable, following the plan above with our guidance can help bury negative search results over time. However, in some circumstances, we may be able to get the content host to remove the page(s) altogether or at least get the search engine to remove copyrighted content (if applicable).

We recommend speaking with our ORM Strategist before taking action on your own.

Burying Google Autocomplete Results

Wiideman Consulting Group can help create a strategy to bury Google Autocomplete results, which is likely the most difficult SEO feat in all of search marketing.

Your autocomplete strategy will likely start with Google-approved recommendations, such as promoting events and charity initiatives with names that all begin with the same letter of the negative words currently appearing in autocomplete results.

However, many clients opt-out of strategies that require high effort and costs. When this happens, we’ll share tools and services that can supplement the “right thing to do” (White Hat SEO), with a clear warning that these services are short-lived and not recommended.

Talk with Our Online Reputation Strategist

We’re just a phone call away: (562) 732-4417 or if you prefer, you can contact us online to schedule a free assessment call with our ORM Strategists (not a salesperson).

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