Inbound Marketing Consulting Services

Imagine what one hour of industry-leading expertise can do for your business. For a limited time, we’ve opened our calendar to a limited number of consultations from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. Watch the video below for a personal introduction.

As an Internet marketing veteran and SEO Expert, Steve Wiideman and his team have been training agencies for nearly a decade on how to optimize their and/or their customers’ websites. With higher ranking comes higher traffic, sales and lead volumes. We have trained over a dozen web/graphic design firms on the art of Search Engine Optimizing, nearly quadrupling revenue for the associated firms during the first three months of process implementation.

Request an Instant One-Hour Consultation

After this initial consultation, you’ll have a fundamental understanding of where your website currently stands in the Search Engine Optimization process and will be provided with several best practices that you can implement immediately after the call to improve organic ranking in the search engines.

Our Role in Your Online Marketing

Our role in your strategy is to help you get the highest and most placement in Google and other search engines for targeted keywords that produce leads and/or sales.

You should always be working with your own reputable web developer for web maintenance, adding video, creating a new page, etc. Whomever you choose will need to work comfortably with us to ensure that no changes made affect SEO efforts. The designer/developer should be comfortable communicating with us whenever site or page structure is affected or anytime internal or external links are involved. The SEO resource will be accountable to us for execution on deliverables, which isn’t always comfortable for developers.

Think of Us as the “Hub” of Your Online Marketing

  1. When you complete the design of a new website, we’ll mockup the comp for coding & verify the coding work for SEO compliance
  2. When you add a new page to the website, we’ll ensure it gets linked to correctly (intra & external)
  3. When you add video, we’ll help build the video XML sitemap for submission to search engines
  4. When your link builder sends you his report, we’ll scrutinize it & validate links
  5. When your social marketing person begins his or her campaign, we’ll integrate the SEO attributes
  6. Before you advertise ANYWHERE, you’ll check with us to get a tracking URL or dedicated page (such as
  7. When your PPC manager delivers your report, we’ll scrutinize CPA, CPC, Quality Score and ROAS
  8. When we speak at weekly or monthly meetings, we’ll be reviewing ranking, analytics, ROI and vendor performance
  9. When you come up with a good idea that relates to your online marketing, we’ll discuss it before taking action for optimal results

Our Ironclad Guarantee

Guarantee BadgeAs a “White Hat SEO”, it goes against our principles to ever guarantee ranking or to promise that we can control Google search results. After all, how can you promise something that you can’t control? However, as it pertains to consulting, if you don’t see improvements in organic traffic from search engines three months after implementing my recommendations, we will issue a full 100 percent refund – no questions asked. You will need to notify me upon completion of work and provide access to Google Analytics (simple enough, right?).

Proof of Results

We love analytics almost as much as we love bragging about our clients’ results while protecting their identities. Take a look at a few of the screenshots from Google Analytics to get a feel for what our time is worth.

This client’s total investment with us was approximately $10,000.

Screenshot from Google Analytics

This client’s total investment with us was under $1,000, with only 3 consulting calls to provide guidance to the internal marketing and technology teams. Pay attention to the conversion optimization as well as the Per Visit Goal Value improvement. Concerned about the quality of leads from my recommendations? Here’s why you shouldn’t be.

Screenshot 2 from Google Analytics

This client spent one year with us, holding one strategy call per month at $350 per call, for a total investment of $4,200. Do the math on the ROI.

Screenshot 3 from Google Analytics

Schedule a Call with Us Now:

Simply call (562) 732-4417 to schedule an inbound marketing consultation with a member of the Wiideman Consulting Group Team. There is no call for an introduction and you may ask us any questions you’d like during the intro call; though we may not be able to solve complex issues without deeper research.

Order an SEO Strategic Plan

We also offer an exhaustive search engine optimization strategic plan that includes the following:

  1. Obstacle Analysis Report (OAR)
  2. Competitor Analysis Report (CAR)
  3. Link Analysis Report (LAR)
  4. Keyword Discovery Report (KDR)
  5. Creative (Post-Penguin) Link-Building Strategy
  6. Behavioral (Post-Panda) Content Strategy
  7. Video SEO Campaign Theme Suggestions
  8. Social Media Campaign Theme Suggestions

Please call or email us if you’re interested in learning about our SEO Strategy servcies.

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