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Redirecting index.html After a WordPress Migration

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There are literally thousands of search results in Google for how to do a 301 redirect, but the ones that show you specifically how to redirect index.html after migrating to Wordpress are buried and difficult to find among all the other 301 tutorials.Being the SEO geek that I am, I had to create...

Tracking Google Places with Analytics

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In this local SEO tutorial you'll learn how to use your Google Analytics to track visits and goals from Google Places, Google Maps, and from Universal Search. The advantage of tracking this click data is to help you understand which referrals and campaigns produced the best results for you when...

Content Tracking Sheet for SEO

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So you've done all of your keyword research and have picked out the 30-500 pages of content you'd like to write over the next couple of years based on keywords that generate leads and sales, but none that generate ambiguous traffic, right? So what's next?The next step in the Search Engine...

Get Business Reviews

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It’s a known fact that your business reputation can take down your company or can be the real key to business success. This fact applies both online and offline. As reputation pertains to the Internet, reviews play a major role in how a business listing is displayed, not just within search...

Local Business Directories

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Which Local Directories Matter?There's thousands of web directories on the Internet, hundreds of business directories, and countless local business directories. So which ones do you submit to, or avoid, or prioritize?Well, if your goal is to improve ranking in the search engines next to the...

SEO Content Writing Tips

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Learn how to write content that ranks well in the search engines and provides enough information and trust to convert visitors to sales with is page on SEO content writing tips for content publishers. In this guide, I'll be walking through a few important principles and best practices. Download...

How to Get Higher Ranking on Amazon

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I have a prospect who has asked me to look into a strategy that required me to learn how to get higher ranking on So I did some research and here's my X-Point Plan:Possible Amazon Ranking Factors The calculation is based on sales and is updated each hour to reflect recent and...

How to Bypass Google SMS Verification

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Bypassing Google SMS verification is simple, but requires the use of an AdWords My Client Center account, which is free to setup. Create Multiple Google Accounts?Well, if you're an agency or webmaster and your job is to create a Google...

Should the Canonical Tag Be on Every Page?

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The short answer to this question is YES, the canonical tag should be used on every page of a website, because you never know how someone will link to a page. Adding a canonical URL forces the search engines to index only the base URL of the page you want indexed. Having this one simple line of...

Matt Cutts Gives Link Building Advice

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I remember a time when search sites were just directories that you had submit to for inclusion. As years past, search sites became search engines, and the race to rank was on. We JavaScripted our way to #1 with blank page packed with keywords and redirects until everyone was doing that, and then...

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

Analyze your website to test for common SEO issues that could be hurting your rankings.

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