B2B SEO Strategy

Wiideman Consulting Group’s business to business search engine optimization strategy (B2B SEO) differs from business to consumer (B2C) in approach, voice and user experience focal points. Key performance indicators (KPI’s) may also vary due to impulses and the length of the decision-making process.

Our Unique Approach to B2B SEO

Learning about your customers is pivotal to the success of your SEO strategy if you are targeting businesses where consumers can be motivated by price and brand trust (in most cases). Our team will spend as much time as necessary to fully understand your typical client, how they search and what their end desire is with Google Hummingbird in mind.

A typical strategy for B2B may include:

  1. Audit, Research & Assessment – brand and competitors
  2. Technical Strategy – satisfy search engine criteria
  3. Content Strategy – customer and link attracting
  4. Visibility Strategy – links, citations and mentions
  5. Maintenance Strategy – refreshing content based on data

How We Work

Once an agreement is in place based on your specific needs, our team will begin the analysis phase of your SEO Strategy. You’ll complete a Client Needs Analysis, which will be followed by a “Kickoff Call” for us to ask questions and to dive into customer persona profiling.

Typically, the technical analysis is completed within 10-14 days, unless we find something in our audit that requires further exploration.

Within 20 business days (about a month), you’ll receive an SEO Strategic Plan, packed full of audits and strategy mentioned above. Depending on the program we designed, you may decide to take the strategy in-house or with an SEO agency for execution, or you may opt to have our team provide support through our innovative DIY-style SEO Roadmap solution.

We stand by our strategies and will check in with you often to see if you’re hitting your KPI goals, which often include the following:

  • Improved volume of traffic and conversions
  • Improved per page conversion rates
  • Improved overall ranking based on preferred URLs
  • Improved number of ranking keywords per preferred URL
  • Improved “return to search engine” rates
  • Improved technical attributes (speed, delivery, etc.)

Contact Us to Learn More

Do you see what we did there (in that subheading)? Using B2B language, such as “learn more” rather than “sign-up now”, we begin the marketing automation cycle required for longer decision-making processes in B2B SEO. If we did a good job, you’ll use the form on our contact page after reading the web copy above to hear about case studies or to request a complimentary assessment.

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