SEO Roadmap – Agency License

Wiideman Consulting Group has been training digital marketing agencies since 1998, specifically with web design, development and marketing. In the mid-2000s, search engine optimization (SEO) became a core competency of ours, and before long, we were training SEO agencies, enterprise businesses and guest speaking at colleges and conferences. Now we are happy to provide that expertise pre-bundled into a project management system.

Over the years, our training program developed into a streamlined strategy and project life cycle we call “SEO Roadmap”. In Q1 of 2015, 19 clients kicked the tires with our platform before we moved it into our platform, and 100 percent of these clients successfully increased organic search traffic (as shown below).


What’s Included in an Agency License?

As covered in the video below, a license for our agency solution (some have called “SEO agency in a box”) includes the following:

  • Setup of your white-labeled PM system
  • Beginning to end project and task templates
  • White-labeled (bookend) training videos for staff & clients
  • Training and walk-through of a project
  • Staff support (not client support) projects

Watch this 10-minute video from Steve Wiideman on how our solution can help you manage SEO for your clients:


How Much Does It Cost?

Our current pricing (subject to change without notice) is $16,000 per year for the entire setup, training, videos and ongoing support. However, for smaller agencies, we offer a one-time setup fee of $4,000 and $250 per account (minimum four accounts). You can be offering SEO services within 30 days and have a complete start-to-finish project management system to help you manage your accounts.

Like our platform, there are no secrets with Wiideman Consulting Group. We’re an open book and believe in being upfront whenever and wherever we can.

How Do I Sign Up?

Simply download this form and call us at (562) 732-4417. We can have you up and running right away. Thanks in advance for your interest.

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