E-Commerce SEM/PPC Strategy

Creating a successful SEM strategy for e-commerce can seem like a daunting task with numerous considerations such as comparison shopping engines (CSE’s) like Google Shopping and Amazon. Wiideman Consulting Group can help build a thorough e-commerce PPC strategy to maximize return on ad spend in AdWords and with other publishers.

Our methodology at a high level is simple:

  1. Research and organize ideal campaign architecture
  2. Work with creative teams on landing pages and ads
  3. Work with technology teams on content delivery & mobile
  4. Suggest automation scripts to manage and throttle bidding
  5. Teach your PPC managers how to test and optimize

Getting into important lower-level details, our strategy for PPC may include specific insights from competing ads, landing pages and keywords. Search term details from legacy advertising, and potentially from landing page-level queries in Search Analytics, assist us in helping you target keywords that are more likely to convert ad clicks.

If you’ve been to our homepage, you’ll see a few of the brands Wiideman Consulting Group has helped build and optimize SEM strategies for. Sometimes, a simple audit is enough to identify problems preventing maximum ROAS. Talk with one of our PPC Strategists today about your 2016 plan. There is no cost, no obligation and no salesman during our assessment call. Call today at (562) 732-4417.

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

Analyze your website to test for common SEO issues that could be hurting your rankings.