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SEO Speakers

There are many reasons our Founder Steve Wiideman has been invited be an SEO Speaker at technology and marketing events; among them are:

  1. Actionable strategies and checklists
  2. Enterprise case studies & experiment data
  3. Passion and enthusiasm for search marketing
  4. Story-telling vs fact-sharing presentation style
  5. Post-presentation Q&A time

Past SEO Speaker Experience

Local Search Summit 2016

April 21, 2016 – San Diego, CA – Success Stories for Driving Local Value to Your Brand

Location and multi-location search engine optimization is challenging for brands that lack either the resources to nurture content and visibility strategy at the store-level or who lack the tools to help automate many of the tasks involved in local SEO. At this event, we covered fundamental LSEO strategy and then took a deep dive into experiments and success stories stemming from improved focus on user experience (helpfulness) and expanding to specific hyper-local elements that benefit the user and build trust with search engines.

SoCal Business Marketing Association

March 2016, San Diego, CA – Busting Through the Myths

BMA Logo

We had the pleasure of speaking to the SoCal BMA on the topic of B2B Search Engine Marketing & Optimization in March of 2016. This event was unique in that the attendees had very little SEO experience and many were jaded from a failed PPC campaign.

The goal was to get the audience up to speed with current trends in organic search, build awareness around algorithm updates and spam penalties, and equip attendees with a fundamental understanding of the online buying cycle differences between B2B and B2C.


OSMOSIS – Information Weapons

October 2015, Las Vegas, CA

Teaching private investigators how to use advance Google search operators felt like trying to teach to Babe Ruth how to hit a baseball, but we managed to enlighten quite a few, particularly when we went to techniques used by online reputation management companies to bury negative search results.

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