SEO Audits (On-Page & Off-Page)

Enterprise and Fortune 500 clients have called on Wiideman Consulting Group for strategic planning for over a decade. Our organizational style is simple, our recommendations are intuitive and our project planning is actionable, creating a streamlined plan for long-term growth in search.

Order an SEO Strategic Plan

I offer an exhaustive search engine optimization strategic plan that includes the following:

  1. Obstacle Analysis Report (OAR)
  2. Competitor Analysis Report (CAR)
  3. Keyword Discovery Report (KDR)
  4. Link Analysis Report (LAR)
  5. Creative (Post-Penguin) Link-Building Strategy
  6. Behavioral (Post-Panda) Content Strategy
  7. Video SEO Campaign Theme Suggestions
  8. Social Media Campaign Theme Suggestions

What’s in the Plan?

Below is a screenshot of a table of contents from one of the SEO Strategic Plans I’ve written. Topics and focal points will be based on your individual need and may have more emphasis on current technologies and platforms, such as mobile.

Screenshot of an SEO Strategic Plan

Order an Obstacle Analysis Report (OAR)

We’ll manually review your website to look at specific SEO criteria such as site structure, site maps, page speed and cross-browser/cross-device compatibility. We’ll look at titles, descriptions, robots.txt, redirection and more. The full audit includes over 40 criteria, including location-based SEO criteria (if applicable).

BONUS! Nearly every criterion reviewed includes a video tutorial describing the attribute, the reasons it might be important to SEO and resources to help you resolve the problem.

  • Priority of each focal point
  • Role responsible (webmaster vs writer)
  • Resource used to test with
  • Google’s opinion on the item
  • Two to 10-minute training video for each item

Our search engine optimization assessment includes an exhaustive list of on-page and off-page audits. We price this full audit based on the long-term value it has provided to clients we consult with regularly and from the data post-implementation, we know it’s worth the cost.

The audit includes emphasis on mobile optimization, website speed, social signals, page optimization and linking patterns (among other criteria). Each row of our audit includes the resource who should be working on the focal point, Google’s view on the topic, the resource to test with and a two to 10-minute video of us walking you (or your team) through the item in detail.

Preview of Our Audit List (25 of 70+)

SEO Audit Screenshot

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Items Reviewed:

  • Universal Analytics (why optimize if you can’t track results?)
  • Security issue test
  • Site crawl error test
  • Custom 404 page test
  • Mobile version user experience test
  • Responsive and or mobile design test
  • Viewport meta tag test
  • Duplicate content test
  • Homepage intra-linking test
  • Content delivery test
  • Selling page download speed test
  • Homepage conversion test
  • Text-based navigation test
  • Search engine-friendly URL test
  • Google PageSpeed test – mobile
  • Homepage download speed test
  • Robots.txt no-script-blocking & sitemap declaration test
  • www-Prefix test
  • Trailing slash test
  • Unique heading tag test
  • XML sitemap test
  • HTML sitemap test
  • Duplicate URL test
  • Excessive intra-linking test
  • Homepage trust test
  • Breadcrumb navigation test
  • Duplicate title and meta test
  • Canonical homepage test
  • Google PageSpeed test – desktop
  • Subdomain test
  • Social subscription button test
  • Selling page conversion test
  • Facebook Open Graph test
  • Twitter Card test
  • Blog subscription form test
  • Google+ Authorship test
  • Blog post sharing test
  • Alt tag test
  • McAfee Site Alert test
  • Norton Web Safe Alert test
  • Followed social button test
  • Google+ profile test
  • Facebook profile test
  • YouTube profile test
  • Twitter profile test
  • Pinterest profile test
  • Manual action test
  • Explicit backlink test – 3rd party tool
  • Safe link test – Google tool
  • Brand name backlink test
  • Site wide backlink test
  • Intra-linking test
  • Duplicate content test – external content
  • Selling page title and meta language test
  • Selling page keyword prominence test
  • Selling page keyword psuedo-density test
  • Selling page semantic keyword in subheading test
  • Privacy policy exists within global navigation
  • Homepage video test
  • Selling page video test
  • Selling page image test
  • Topic page title and meta language test
  • Topic page keyword prominence test
  • Topic page keyword psuedo-density test
  • Topic page semantic keyword in subheading test
  • Topic page video test
  • Topic page image test
  • Topic page content quality test

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