Social Media Marketing Experts

The world of Social Media has evolved from platforms to meet and connect with people who are connected to you or your interests, into a full-blown advertising medium with lower cost-per-impression than any search engine or CPM network in existence today. Those who have followed the evolution, have learned how to leverage the advertising tools within the largest, smallest, and newest of the social networks to drive affordable traffic and brand awareness.

The Social Media Marketing Experts who made our list either worked directly with one of our clients or interviewed with us to share recent case studies with proven results. We also did our due diligence, reading reviews, ratings, and when possible, speaking with current clients.

SMM Expert #1 – Warren Whitlock

Nobody better helps define the difference between Thought Leader and Expert then Social Media Expert Warren Whitlock. Warren has been in the business since the dawn of the Internet, with a background in sales and technology, social media attracted him like a magnet.

In 2008, Warren released Twitter Revolution, packed with tips, resources and strategies promising to guide your success on Twitter. As other networks emerged as new marketplaces with a social ecosystem, Warren saw a need for holistic strategy and released Profitable Social Media with his friends Lee Pound and Edward Philipp. His charitable roots inspired contribution to movements such as Billions Rising, helping empower self-reliance in struggling areas of the world.

We’ll have a full page about Warren Whitlock shortly.

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