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Social Media Optimization

You likely have social media pages and know that simple indicators like follower counts and likes are not working like they did in the days of one direction mass media. We know what matters, what leads to profitable use of digital marketing and will help you with Social Media Audits, Content Marketing Strategy, Social Media Training and Influence Marketing.

Social Media Audits

The platforms, pages and content used by brands and competitors have evolved quickly in the past few years. A Social Media Audit using our proprietary crawlers can pull up all the content for products, locations and divisions, all competitors and rank viewership and engagement down to individual posts and comments. Comprehensive reports are provided on what worked, where to focus and a plan to set and reach your goals.

Content Marketing Strategy

Content is king but only when it’s engaging content. Keyword heavy marketing pieces won’t cut it for today’s consumers, already overwhelmed by content pushed at them. We can show you how to utilize existing content, discover content creators anxious to partner and share their audience and create new content based on what your prospects and customers desire.

Social Media Training

We hold that a social business is one where everyone is a representative of a brand, empowering employee advocacy and bringing the social interaction out of the silo of specialists. We coach or train teams to use social for customer service, sales, leads and outreach. We also train trainers to train others in the enterprise. We know that conversations are the backbone of any business at any level.

Influence Marketing Strategy

Marketing messages from a brand are never as effective as customers, influencers and celebrities who endorse and make recommendations. Influencers are the 10 percent of any market that are most vocal and considered thought leaders. We can show you who those influencers are, how to reach the ones that will be most likely to share your brand and help you create programs to track the leverage that influence marketing brings.

Influencer Content

Our principal, Warren Whitlock, is recognized as a Top Ten Social Media Power Influencer. Influencers create content, network with other influencers and can get attention for your brand with incredible leverage. Our network has hundreds of connections throughout many industry specialists.

The Best Approach to Social Media Training

The buzzwords and popular memes in this space change fast. We’ve used some here to identify what we know brands are looking for today. A better way to look at the future of marketing is to understand that content, social, influence and new media are just tools we use to connect the people who are actively interested and anxious to get the value your brand promises.

Ultimately, all business happens between human beings with conversations. Let’s start a conversation about your goals and get your team what they need to build relationships and conversations and your business goals.

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