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Welcome to our Master Class on Search Engine Optimization! This course includes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes of video plus a 40-minute exam. Upon completion and passing with an 74% or better, you’ll receive a certificate for completing the course.

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Evolution of SEO

In this 31-minute course, you’ll learn how the world of SEO has evolved from an SEO practitioner’s perspective, from the early days of web design and “website optimization” to the crazy black hat tools used before Google and other search engines began publishing guidelines.

The key takeaway from this presentation is learning what not to do, along with learning the principles, disciplines, and strategies required for successful long-term SEO.

Technical SEO

Within 47 minutes, you’ll learn the most important technical search engine optimization focal points to provide to your webmaster, web designer or web developer. You’ll learn just how important User Experience (UX) has become to SEO and how to address search during a mobile-first revolution.

Code is rarely discussed and will not be on the exam. If you are not tech-savvy, you may want to get some coffee before watching this video.

Off-Page SEO

Get ready to get social! In this shorter 23-minute video, you’ll learn the importance of earning links and visibility off your website, along with several outreach approaches and techniques to help improve your response rate. This is also referred to as “Digital PR” and probably not something your web developer will be interested in taking on.

Content SEO

Don’t get stuck in bottom-line thinking! In the final 46-minute video in this course, you’ll learn how important it can be to reach users in the awareness phase of the buyer’s journey, how to really help them during the consideration phase, and ultimately how to convert them during the buyer’s phase.

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This exam covers questions from the four SEO Master Class videos above provided by Wiideman. Pass with 75% or better to receive a Certificate of Achievement for completing the course.

The purpose of this exam is to test your knowledge of basic search engine optimization, including Technical SEO, Off-Page SEO, and Content SEO best practices.

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