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How Did Google Removing Right-Side Ads Impact SEO?

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I just had a call with researcher asking about the impact that Google's recent removal of right-side ads and including four ads at the top of the results had on organic search engine behavior. During the call I was able to reference some of the data we have in Google Search Console to see (if any)...

Google Warns Bloggers to Nofollow Links Paid for by Free Products

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In a statement today (3/11/2016) on the Webmaster Central Blog, Google made it blatantly clear that buying a hyperlink using any type of bartering or exchange (bribes) with the intent to influence search engine rankings goes against Google guidelines on link schemes, and urged webmasters to add a...

Google Moves Their Webmasters Blog

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Historical Comments (and Links) RemovedThose in the search engine marketing field and many webmasters awoke today and found that Google had moved from their Webmaster Central blog from to, and for those curious, yes...

Is Your Website SEO-Friendly?

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