Undoubtedly, the HTML Title tag that appears in the search engine results is the most important SEO tactic for achieving higher placement in the search engines. Keeping this tag under 66 characters will prevent the title from being truncated and using compelling and very targeted copy will help improve the percentage of searchers who choose your listing over your competitors (known as Click-Through Rate or CTR).

However, writing a title and not complementing with topic-related copy in the body of the HTML document is like asking the search engine to open a book and to only find blank or irrelevant pages. Write content that support the title for this important SEO strategy for best results.

Capture people in the buyer phase of the purchase cycle by including behavioral targeted call-to-actions, such as buy, purchase, order, reserve, book, register, learn, read, and so forth.

It’s also important to use a value proposition in the title tag, such as free shipping, 10 years in business, as seen on television, certified, licensed, and other terms that will entice the searcher to click.

Understanding how important CTR is to search engine algorithms is the cornerstone of a long and health SEO strategy, but getting to the top will require the most important SEO tactic, which is improving your HTML Title with call-to-action, keywords, and a value proposition.