Working the new Google AdWords interface has been a bit of a learning curve for many people, as compared to using the legacy version, with all sorts of dynamic Flash-driven functionality going on while you try to work within the browser. Today, I spent some time looking at the new filter functionality and created what I believe to be The Ultimate AdWords Filter for optimizing your AdWords account. Here is how it works:

Requirements for This AdWords Filter

  1. The account must have several weeks of conversion data
  2. The account must be using the new AdWords user interface
  3. Your campaigns shouldn’t include ads with phone numbers

Create the Filter for Google AdWords

  1. Set the date range to start the day you started tracking conversions
  2. Viewing the Keywords tab at the main account level
  3. Set the first filter to be CTR < = 1%
  4. Set the second filter to be Impressions >= 300
  5. Set the third filter to be Conversions < = 1
  6. Set the status to Not active unchecked
  7. Set the Quality Score to >= 7
  8. Save & click Apply to activate filter
  9. Pause or reduce bids on all results
  10. Repeat every 4-6 weeks

Note: Quality Score was set to higher than 7/10 above. You should take an additional step by saving a filter specifically for viewing keywords with a Quality Score under 7/10. Scrutinize the relevance and validate that the ads & landing pages contain the keywords with the low Quality Scores.

The Ultimate AdWords Filter for Optimizing Your PPC Account

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