Bypassing Google SMS verification is simple, but requires the use of an AdWords My Client Center account, which is free to setup.

Why Create Multiple Google Accounts?

Well, if you’re an agency or webmaster and your job is to create a Google Analytics account for each website you launch, you’re going to need to create an account for each one (unless you want to force your client to stay with you to have access to historical data – I don’t recommend this).

You may also be a business with multiple projects that require their own websites, emails, and Google accounts. For example, I’m working on an awesome membership website this week that requires it’s own accounts.

How to Bypass the SMS Verification in Google

Once you’ve setup your AdWords account through the MCC, login to Firefox or Internet Explorer using the email you created the account with. Click on Google Account Settings, click Resend Verification Email, check your email and click the verification link. That’s it. Piece of cake right?

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