As a business owner, nothing is more humbling than waking up to an email directing you to an article in a local magazine where you and your team were featured. Today was that morning and the magazine was Voyage LA.

Voyage LA - Steve Wiideman Feature

There are a lot of businesses who do some amazing things here in Los Angeles, and to have been asked by Voyage LA staff to be interviewed and then to see your pictures published, well, it’s a very surreal and tear-jerking experience (especially if you’re the person behind the growth and survivial of the company).

Below is a quote from the article:

Being an entrepreneur is like Saran-wrapping yourself and having to figure out how to live without being able to reach your wallet or move more than a few feet at a time. Worse, one day you wake up and realize that you actually paid someone for that Saran wrap with borrowed money. So there you are, bootstrapping on a shoestring budget with each month promising growth and delivering a waterfall of new hurdles with hard costs, resource management issues, and can’t-say-no marketing opportunities.

We wouldn’t be here today had it not been for the amazing clients we get to work with. Our passion for digital only goes as far as the clients who allow us to troubleshoot and find opportunities that lead to more sales and revenue for them, and some brag rights for us.

What the future holds is still a fog, though our course is driving us the direction of solutions versus services, and knowledge versus time. I’m excited for what lay ahead of us and am honored to have such an amazing team to enjoy it with.