Unbottleneck Shop Talk: Judi Fox & LinkedIn

Should you be on LinkedIn? And what are the best LinkedIn strategies for businesses and brands? Let’s check in with the experts!

On this episode of the Unbottleneck Shop Talk series, Steve Wiideman is joined by renowned Linkedin coach and visibility guru, Judi Fox, for an insightful discussion about harnessing the power of Linkedin in order to build your online brand. With so many social media platforms to choose from, it’s important to choose the right one that will help you earn the visibility and connections that you desire. Dive in now to Unbottleneck, the digital marketing podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners.

After generating over 5 million views on Linkedin, Fox has proven herself to be a certified expert in increasing visibility on the platform. She has packaged her expertise into what is now known as the “Linkedin Business Accelerator” method which has helped c-suite executives, business owners and venture capitalists see a significant increase in their visibility on Linkedin. 

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  1. The difference of LinkedIn as a Social Media platform
  2. Introducing the LinkedIn Business Accelerator by Judi Fox
  3. Adding LinkedIn to Your Content Strategy
  4. Biggest mistakes businesses and individuals are making on LinkedIn

Is LinkedIn Social Media?

Simply put….yes! 

Linkedin is indeed a social media platform and it should be treated as such in order to generate thought-provoking content while making meaningful connections. What once was a platform with limited features that supported a small number of influencers has now become a platform equipped with advanced features that allows any and everyone to have a voice. Therefore, Linkedin has become a healthy medium where both business and social media can co-exist. 

LinkedIn is Leadership

The most popular influencers on Linkedin are not focused on curating a “professional” image. Instead, they are focused on leadership. Shifting your mindset to being a leader can increase your opportunities to connect with other professionals within your niche. By asking common questions, sharing helpful resources, and highlighting your own success stories, you too can establish yourself as a Linkedin leader. 

Adding LinkedIn to Your Content Strategy

If you’re trying to incorporate Linkedin into your content strategy it can be a little tricky, especially if you’re trying to balance other social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. 

While Linkedin has strayed from the standard “professional” image, it’s still important to understand that the overall tone of this platform is not as casual as others. To make content that is shareable across various platforms, consider making Linkedin your primary source for posting content. Once you post your content on Linkedin, it’ll be easier to switch your tone to fit the other platforms. 

Biggest Mistake on LinkedIn

The biggest mistake that someone can make on Linkedin is being too self-focused. 

In order to be successful on this platform, you’re going to need to give what you want to get in return – support. You don’t want to enter the platform coming off as a “know-it-all” or a “hero” that needs to save everyone in your industry. The best thing you can be is a supportive peer to other professionals that are dealing with the same concerns as you. 

If you treat it like a support network, your connections will grow! 

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Now it’s Your Turn

Now is the time to stop contemplating and incorporate Linkedin into your content strategy for 2021! 

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