Unbottleneck Shop Talk – Guest: Gil Nevo

Are you effectively communicating your brand message? Steve Wiideman is back with another insightful Unbottleneck “Shop Talk” episode to help you clear the roadblocks in your digital marketing strategy. This time he is teaming up with Gil Nevo, CEO and “Brander” in Chief of Superbrand, to discuss the importance of developing a consistent brand message that resonates with your target audience. Join the conversation in the online marketing podcast now!

Who better to discuss branding than Gil Nevo? Nevo is no stranger to branding as he holds 15 years of creative TV and advertising experience under his belt. As the founder and CEO of Superbrand, he is dedicated to helping people create authentic branding that gets them noticed online. He has worked with some heavy-hitting brands such as Coca-Cola, Ben & Jerry’s and Vitamin Water. 

Not to mention, he has also animated over 100 episodes of South Park! 

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  • Understanding of a Brand Ambassador
  • The fundamental of entertaining and engaging content
  • Unblocking Areas Where People Don’t Connect with Your Brand

What is a Brand Ambassador?

According to Nevo, “a brand ambassador can be anybody who loves your brand and engages with your brand enough to speak about it and tell people about it”. At the core, everyone on your team should be a brand ambassador. They should believe in your product and service enough to talk about it with others and to defend it when necessary. 

Once you get your team on board, your job is to get others to believe in your brand as well. 

Food for thought: Think about some of the world’s biggest musicians and influencers. Overtime, they develop a loyal army of fans (or “brand ambassadors”) that support them enough to get others to believe in them as well. For example, Ariana Grande (“Arianators”), Beyonce (“BeyHive”), and Taylor Swift (“Swifties”) have some of the most loyal fan-bases.

Entertain Your Audience

If you go on any social media platform, you don’t have to look far to find creative, funny, entertaining content. When developing your online brand, it can be intimidating to jump in the mix especially if you’re more on the shy side. 

But here’s some good news to help take the pressure off: entertaining doesn’t mean “funny”, it just means “engaging”. The key to entertaining is to show your true vulnerability. People like to see themselves in others and you can help to foster meaningful connections with your audience when you allow yourself to be vulnerable and most importantly, human. 

Even if comedy is not your forte, you can still provide entertainment to your audience. 

Unlock the Power of Your Brand

When it comes to selling a product or service, people make emotional decisions. People want to know that they can trust your brand enough before making a decision to further engage. 

Therefore, your job is to unblock the areas where people get stuck. This can be accomplished by understanding your customer and anticipating their needs. Once you have identified your customer, it’s important to build a brand aesthetic and user experience that they will be likely to respond to. 

Are You Giving the Wrong Impression? 

The devil is in the details. You may offer a great product or service, but if you fail to incorporate important cues in your messaging, you could be missing out on engagement. Here are some cues that could give potential customers or consumers the wrong impression about your brand: 

  • Keyword Stuffing – Stay away from overusing a keyword on your site in hopes that it will help you to rank in a search engine. 
  • Outdated Website – This can be an automatic turn-off for visitors. Give your brand the TLC that it deserves by keeping your website updated, modern and fresh. 
  • Outdated Typography – Aesthetics are equally important in brand messaging. Focus on combining elements of letter spacing, font, font size, and image placement to create an aesthetically pleasing site. 
  • Bad / Low-Quality Photos – Invest in your photography and use high-quality photos to effectively communicate your brand. Don’t use old, low-quality images taken on your phone. 
  • Inconsistent Experience – Manage customer objections by anticipating their needs. Your website should help to answer some of your target audience’s most pressing concerns. 

Make the Effort For Your Brand

It’s time to get serious about your brand. Take some time to go over your current efforts and determine where you need to make adjustments.  

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