In this episode of the Unbottleneck Podcast, Steve Wiideman is joined by author and marketing pro Herbert Innocent to dive into creating a compelling, accurate and inspiring business message.

About Our Guest: Herbert Innocent

Herbert Innocent is founder of Herbert Marketing Help, host of The Virtual Entrepreneur podcast and lives by the motto, “Leave the World a Better Place.” He is author of the book, “Behind The Lens” dedicated to mastering photography with any camera. Herbert is also a Trinity College Dublin Global Ambassador in Dublin, Ireland and helps to promote diversity worldwide and has a background in biomedical engineering. 

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  • Entrepreneurs and Strong Communication
  • Nailing Your Welcome Message: The Homepage Experience
  • Choose Inspiration over Fear-based Messaging
  • Mistakes Entrepreneurs Should Avoid

Improve Your Brand by Becoming a Better Communicator

Many entrepreneurs struggle with creating and communicating a clear brand message for their business. According to Herbert, entrepreneurs are not just here to simply build a business, but to be a problem solver. 

Wearing the label of “entrepreneur” can often be limiting because entrepreneurs can put themselves in a box. Yes, you can be good at something and possess unique skills, but the power lies in how you apply those skills to create a simple, yet effective solution for someone else. 

Shift Your Focus to Others

When communicating your brand message, you shouldn’t focus on what you want to say, but what the other person wants to know and understand. If you want to make your message all about you, people are not going to care as much. However, if you start talking from someone else’s point of view, it inspires them to not just act, but to follow through to the end because the focus is now on them. It’s no longer about a random person trying to sell them something. 

Therefore, the key to becoming a better communicator of your message is to understand what your market wants and finding a connection between what they know and what you are doing. 

Pro-Tip: A great way to build your website is to research how people are searching for what you offer rather than building a website based on what you want to showcase. 

First Impressions: Improve Your Homepage Experience 

As an entrepreneur, you want to use your website to get your message in front of a lot of people. When people visit your website, creating a unique experience is essential to begin to build a relationship with potential customers or clients. 

What people are searching for is more of a feeling rather than a product. They want the feeling of certainty, security and control that comes with purchasing your product. To tap into these feelings, you should ensure that your homepage addresses: 

  • What customers are looking for 
  • What their pain points are 
  • How and why you want to help 

Inspire Loyalty, Not Buyer’s Remorse 

Oftentimes, entrepreneurs will use fear as a sales tactic to pressure people into buying. That’s unethical. Just because you have a product that works doesn’t mean it’s right for everyone. 

Using pressure tactics can be useful in the short term, but it doesn’t set you up for long term success. In the end, you’re left with a client who has something that they don’t need, nor want, which doesn’t breed customer loyalty. In fact, it can actually damage your credibility. 

Loyal customers are left feeling inspired. Speaking to people’s dreams and aspirations can go further than speaking to their fears as a way to get them to buy quickly. 

Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Here are some common mistakes entrepreneurs make that can hinder them from creating a clear and consistent brand message: 

  • Becoming so focused on the idea of making money that you forget about what you have that can actually help people
  • Diminishing yourself and feeling like you are incapable of offering value 
  • Letting the fear of failure overwhelm you
  • Not enjoying, loving or believing in what you do 
  • Underestimating the amount of work and effort needed to succeed 

If you are ready to take your brand to the next level, Herbert Innocent offers services that can help you: 

  • Create a process that generates consistent clients
  • Create a process that nurtures your leads and help them understand what your business is about
  • Expand your message to establish authority and trust in your field

Visit Herbert Innocent online to learn more. 

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