Essential SEO Webinar for Entrepreneurs
Learn the most impactful do's and don'ts of SEO in 2020

Here’s your chance to join an informative and laid back conversation with two esteemed industry pioneers. Steve and Rand each bring a unique digital marketing angle to the virtual table. They’ll challenge listeners to consider strategies that have historically worked, to venture beyond traditional techniques and to keep pace with today’s evolving marketplace.

You’ll Get Valuable Insights On:

  • Digital Marketing Tools & Tips from Industry Experts
  • An Unmatched Entrepreneur Perspective From Two of the Best
  • SparkToro Insider Info About this “Audience Intelligence” Digital Marketing Platform
  • A Lightning Round Q&A Addressing the Popular Industry Questions & Obstacles

About Your Webinar Hosts

Steve Wiideman is co-founder and president of Wiideman Consulting Group. As a scientist and practitioner of local and e-commerce search engine optimization and paid-search advertising, he specializes in strategy, planning, and campaign oversights. Steve personally played a role in the inbound successes of brands such as Disney, Linksys, Belkin, Public Storage, Honda, Skechers, Applebee’s, IHOP, Dole, and others.

Steve works as an adjunct professor at Cal State Fullerton, UC San Diego, and Fullerton College. He teaches a variety of courses in website design, SEO, SEM, and online advertising.

Rand Fishkin is the cofounder and CEO of SparkToro. He’s dedicated his professional life to helping people do better marketing through his blogging, videos, speaking, and his book, Lost and Founder. When Rand’s not working, he’s most likely to be in the company of his partner in marriage and (mostly petty) crime, author Geraldine DeRuiter. If you feed him great pasta or great whisky, he’ll give you the cheat code to rank #1 on Google.

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Ever-Evolving SEO Strategies for Businesses

Time & Date

Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
11:00am to 12:00am PST

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