SEO Roadmap for 2016

Optimizing your website and its content for maximum visibility in search engine results remains a key online marketing medium. However, it’s not rocket science and you definitely don’t need a $5,000 per month SEO agency to do the work for you. This thorough SEO Roadmap is intended to help your webmaster, writers, outreach, and social teams demystify and organize SEO tasks for 2016 and beyond.

Covered in this roadmap are the following main topics:

If at any point you need additional support, our SEO Roadmap Navigators are here to help, but please keep in mind that we are not an fulfillment agency — we are just guides to help you through the optimization process. Nobody knows your company like you do. Therefore, nobody is better qualified to represent your brand than your own team when it comes to content topics, effective selling language, outreach and social sharing.

Why Call it Roadmap?

Great question! Over the years, our SEO practitioners have used project management systems, SmartSheets, Excel workbooks and other software to assist us in creating SEO campaigns. After over a decade of learning what works, we came up with the “SEO Roadmap,” a tracker organized by discipline for easy delegation and meeting agenda discussions.

We use this exact same roadmap with our corporate clients, including franchises with upwards of 2,000 locations, eCommerce clients with millions in monthly online sales, and lead generation clients (both B2B and B2C) who earn hundreds of thousands of organic visits per month.

Who is SEO Roadmap for?

Everyone with a website. However, website owners with control over their website functionality will likely benefit the most. Therefore, we recommend those using limited-functionality “free website creators” to consider more scalable solutions, such as (lead generation) and SEO-Cart (eCommerce), which require only a few simple plugins or extensions to maximize SEO focal points.

Have We Lost Our Minds?

That’s extremely possible. We don’t make a dime from people who visit this website unless they ask us to help navigate our Roadmap strategy. Even then, we have so many qualifications for prospective clients that less than 5% of visitors would make the cut.

For example, our clients absolutely must have their own in-house team of webmasters, designers, and someone who can do outreach to share content. We can help identify solutions for content writing and attracting links.

So why give it away? Simple: In order to be the best we can be, we need to let the world “kick the tires” and provide feedback. We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all, but we do believe there are fundamental tasks every business can do to give them the upper hand against competitors.

We hope this SEO Roadmap helps you and your organization succeed with SEO in 2016 — and if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to let us know. We value your opinion and will take as much criticism you can throw at us gratefully.

Thanks for stopping by!

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