If you are just getting started with your online business, or thrust into a job requiring you to improve online results, you’ve found the guy you need. Steve Wiideman’s SEO Roadmap solution was made for you. Here Steve gives an introduction to SEO during a recent radio interview.

Introduction to SEO. Why You Need SEO Today.

With technology and algorithms constantly changing, is SEO dead, or has it been somehow resurrected?

Our guest is Steve Wiideman, also known as SEO Steve, one of America’s leading SEO experts. He’s passionate about search engine optimization and management and creates products and tools that help you get higher ranking in the search engines… all by yourself without a webmaster.

He’s an author, frequent speaker and panelist at marketing events, and he typically comes up #1 in Google searches for “SEO Expert”.

His clients include start-ups and Fortune 500 companies like Disney, TicketMaster, Expedia and RingCentral, and he’s been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine, Visibility Magazine, Response Magazine, Marketing Sherpa, National Journal and CNN Money.