Local Reputation – Using Reviews to Boost SEO

We met Randall B Stuppard in 2015 and he seriously blew us away with the platform he created to help small and multi-location businesses mitigate negative reviews and promote positive reviews in support of local search engine optimization efforts.

Randy handles Wiideman Consulting Group’s reviews. If that isn’t convincing enough, you need to schedule a demo so he can go through the details of his full system.

We have worked with and demo’d multiple platforms for managing, building, and marketing reputations for local business including large multi-national systems such as Brandify, Chatmeter, GetFiveStars, and Yext.

By far the best system we have seen specifically for reputation (ratings, reviews, etc) is ran by Randy B Stuppard from GetAttitude Marketing, which offers the most affordable pricing with the most features of anything we’ve seen.

To get more information and more insights on how you can increase your business by 19% without spending a dime, just put your name and email address in the form below and Randy or someone from his team will contact you.

How It Works

Randy will review a custom reputation report with you and show you a demo of the beginning to end system, which includes:

  1. 24/7 reputation monitoring
  2. Instant online review alerts (via email and/or SMS)
  3. Monthly reports
  4. Analytics

You’ll receive personalized training on how to use the system to request reviews, give attention to negative feedback, and promote positive reviews.

Here is an example of video showing how the system creates brand feedback automatically:

As it turns out, Randy’s team performed a survey and found 67.3% of people who saw a video like the one above would call the business. They can also generate more generic-type content so that you can see you or your team in the picture and then modify them with custom branding.

Here’s the Breakdown:

There are a lot of individual features included in the platform. For maximum performance, we suggest trying them all. However, each piece can stand alone and is available a la carte.

These services include:


  • Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Reports


  • Feedback Surveys (think SurveyMonkey, but better)
  • Feedback Reviews
  • Feedback Pages
  • Sign In Forms (Think about anyone who uses a clipboard to sign people in)
  • List Management

When it comes to list management, Randy’s platform can send out to your list nicely crafted emails to remind people to leave reviews (until they do) on the feedback page as well as online directories. They can also create campaigns for your various promotions to this group. Oh, and negative reviews are always smart-routed back to a manager to follow up on, not immediately published to the Internet.


  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Video
  • Directory

Training Center

  • Create your own training videos and exams
  • The first videos are already created for training on reputation marketing culture

The Local ORM Platform Also Provides:

Media Center

You don’t have to design anything for postcards, window clings, table tents, etc. You simply download your preferred PhotoShop file and send it to your printer. Voila! This service alone is
valued at over $2,000 – we dare you to check for yourself.

Google URL Shortener

The platform uses Google Shortener to drive people to any page they want as well as an optional QR Code.

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