I use to be a fan of some of the tools the client version of WebPosition use to offer. Unfortunately, their Reporter segment of their product would use your local IP address to run automated queries in Google’s search results, which was a clear violation of their terms and conditions.

Since the days of old, WebPosition has improved how they help SEO professionals track keyword ranking and page-level SEO features. Not yet as robust as other (more expensive) online tools, their service is by far the most affordable and features plenty of data to help marketers make educated decisions about their SEO strategy.

Today (3/15/11) they announced the release of Page Critic (Beta), a page-level SEO analyzer that critiques keyword prominence, proximity, word count, weight and frequency within the following focal points on your webpage:

  • Body
  • URL
  • Title
  • Image Alt
  • Full Text
  • Headings
  • Emphasized
  • Link Titles
  • Anchors
  • Description
  • Keywords

Things I Liked

I liked being able to see how my actual eye competitors are performing in each of the above areas by merely hovering over their URL. It was easy to see where I needed improvement. I also like that the critique took less than 5 minutes to run.

Here’s a screenshot of the hover feature:

Screenshot of Page Critic

Things That Need Improvement

Here are some areas I think the tool can be improved:

  • I never read guides, I’m too in a hurry. I like links that I can mouseover if I don’t understand a term (such as Weight).
  • I may want to send a page critique to a client. I’d love to see my logo on the PDF downloadable version.

Would I Recommend It?

For a business on a limited budget, using Page Critic is no-brainer. There are more robust tools on the market that start in the $200/mo. range, which is much more than a small, local business should be spending on analytics. Page Critic is a FREE service for users who pay for their Reporter tool. I’ll definitely be using it from time to time and do recommend you giving it a look.