I’m a huge a fan of giving props when props are deserved. Today, PSD2HTML is getting featured on my blog because of the unparalleled work they performed on a recent project. PSD2HTML offers Photoshop to HTML services, including coding of WordPress themes, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, email templates and more.

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been slowly transitioning from full-time SEO Consultant into being more integrated with my family and focusing on projects that produce pyramid-free passive income streams. One such project is a pet-friendly hotels and kennels directory called Pet Hotels of America. The original designers did a fantastic job on the comps we approved, but dropped the ball (miserably) on the coding of the WordPress theme. So bad in fact, that we paid two different developers to try to ‘cleanup’ the code, only to have the entire website revert back to TwentyTen when we upgraded the core WordPress version. I was livid to say the least.

At the point of throwing in the towel and calling this another “just can’t win” scenario, we stumbled upon a resource I had totally forgotten existed, PSD2HTML. Without hesitation, we quickly uploaded our PSD files and paid for a cut to WordPress. It took approximately 20 minutes to fill out all the details and specifications in their ticket system and about 4 hours before I received a confirmation email from the team at PSD2HTML.

Within a few days, we had our beautiful website available for viewing on the PSD2HTML development server. We approved the work and downloaded our theme. It took me about 30 minutes to activate the theme and copy over the code in the Widgets area from the development website (easy work). The theme had extremely clean coding, perfect aesthetics (great user experience), and unparalleled backend simplicity in the WordPress administrative area.

Screenshot of PetHotelsofAmerica.com

When you’re ready to migrate your website to WordPress or just looking for a re-skin of your existing website, start with brilliant designers or crowdsource using 99Designs.com or CrowdSpring.com, then send your files over to PSD2HTML. I know you’ll have a great experience, we did and so we’re giving props and a well-deserved PSD to WordPress theme coding link to our friends at PSD2HTML. Thanks guys!