I had the privilege of talking with RatePoint Channel Marketing Manager Bryan Caplan, who gave me an extensive tour of the various facets of RatePoint. Unlike typical business rating websites, RatePoint provides you with an onboard review tool for your website (see http://www.saltwaterfish.com for an example), encouraging prospects to do their diligence on your website as opposed to searching elsewhere where they may stumble upon false ripoffreport.com and complaintsboard.com (this improves online reputation management (ORM), which increases action rates).

Once a review is received, you can optionally syndicate the review to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google Buzz profile, thus improving social media marketing (SMM) and instilling trust with prospects who follow your social profile statuses.

For local businesses, having RatePoint reviews publish reviews can be a major win. The product team at RatePoint worked with Google recently to improve their listings with better “Rich Snippets” for greater stickiness in Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local. Citations (business mentions) and quality of reviews both play a role in where you rank in local search.

The low end cost is only $25/mo., which allows you publish several reviews and use the cool onboard tool on your website. Give it a try and leave me a comment to tell me what you think.