Though we are best known for being SEO Experts, there’s a reality that exists in our world that even though we might be top notch Search Engine Optimization Experts, that alone doesn’t make us qualified Graphic Designers.

Where to stellar SEO Experts go then to get best in class (Web 2.0, or Web 3.0 for you Supergeeks) PSD files for your SEO Blog Optimization or other project? We go to crowd-sourcing websites such as or, where we can start a contest and let the world compete for our money.

What is the Difference Between and

According to, is bringing in more than double the amount of users than However, told us something completely different, so we’ll let you choose based on your own personal experience.

We haven’t used, but we’ve navigated the website and looked at the quality of the designs being submitted. They aren’t much different from Both user interfaces have attributes that we like and dislike. We did notice that using required a Guaranteed Contest (pre-funded) to get the seasoned natives to participate. In, we noticed that they offered a guaranteed 25 submissions or your money back. I liked 1 in 10 designs, so those odds seem to be in the buyer’s favor.

Here are some other posts we found comparing the two sites:

The overall feedback in the blogosphere is that has a better user interface and customer service (they obviously have Google Alerts setup as well, based on the feedback we found in several blog comments on the Web). We hit first and were happy with the quality and customer service; well after we submitted the escrow at least. Send us your feedback on your experience with either and why you would have us switch from to All non-spam submissions will be accepted. Bullet points are appreciated.