In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how to append links to your content with simple tracking variables. This frequently missed step in Social Media Marketing (SMM) will provide the content marketer with a way to show how much traffic, and how many leads/sales a single page of content produced (even revenue can be tracked).

So What?

You’re the “social media guy” (or girl) in your company. Budget is getting tight. Your marketing manager looks over at the PPC guy (or girl) who flings a Campaign Performance Report showing dollars spent, dollars earned, and a positive ROI.

He then looks over at the Media guy (or girl) who produces a report showing how much revenue their banners produced. The email guy, you guessed it, an Email Marketing Report.

Then he looks over you and show him a report that says “I got 3,000 followers on Twitter and 800 fans” – BIG WHOOP. Here’s your pink slip, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

How to Track a Social Media Broadcast

Using the simple technique in this video tutorial, you’ll be able to show your team more than followers and “like” stats, here are some examples:

  • Track all your campaigns (“How To” campaign, etc)
  • Track the performance of the mediums used (Social, CPC, etc)
  • Track the performance of the sources used (Twitter, etc)
  • Track the performance of specific content (How to Be Cool Like Steve

I hope you enjoy the video training. Please share your feedback, questions and your own tracking strategies in the comments field below.

Thanks for reading/watching!