During the MEGA Session at SMX Advanced 2009 the question was asked, “What are going to be the new big SEO tactics for 2009?” The vets in the SEO field collectively give their feedback, suggesting mobile and real-time search will be areas to put emphasis on.

Greg Boser, Bruce Clay, Vanessa Fox, Todd Friesen, Rae Hoffman, Stephan Spencer, and Brett Tabke share their insights. Fox says having so much data to work with is exciting. The “Oilman” Todd Friesen concurs, stating “as far as tactical SEO, it’s still onpage, it’s still link building, it’s still viral, but what you do with the visitor once you have them…using that data’s cool”.

Boser doesn’t seem too impressed with the way Google Local Businesses Center results are showing up with non-location queries at this point, but does see opportunity with the new integration. “There’s a lot of pretty clever stuff going on in there if you take some time and explore. They probably need to move a few more members in to that department (local).”

Brett Tabke, CEO of Webmaster World, shared his excitement about instant search, or real-time search, mentioning the new search engine that indexes Tweets called Topsy.

Hear what Bruce Clay had to say in the video above. What are your thoughts on SEO tactics for 2009? Do you agree with the pros or maybe think they missed something? Share your thoughts below.