Before you pay $5 for a terrible article on your website, consider reading my newest SEO Content Writing Guide. Why? Well, if you think about it, there could be some extremely negative ramifications to posting crappy content.

Why You Don’t Want to Use Garbage Content

  1. Your reader will know it’s garbage and they’ll return to Google
  2. Google will learn from bounce-backs that’s it’s garbage, and penalize you
  3. Spun, wrangled, mixed, or reused content usually spits out garbage
  4. It’s just lazy. If you can’t commit an hour a week to your website, turn it off

Get My New Writing Guide on SEO Below

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Benefits of Optimized Content

There are hundreds of reasons why you should create awesome content and tweak specific focal points to include keywords. In general, here are several benefits of creating SEO-enhanced web content:

  • People will link to great content (think of Wikipedia)
  • Good content educates, informs, and SELLS your stuff
  • Unique, hand-typed content won’t be filtered by Google
  • Bing is an ORGANIC search engine that looks at keyword prominence
  • Bing will have 30% market share after the Search Alliance concludes
  • People will tweet and “like” (Facebook) a noteworthy page
  • It’s the right thing to do

So what are you waiting for? Grab Version 1 of my SEO Content Writing Guide and get to writing great content! Need a way to keep track of your content? Try my SEO Content Tracking Spreadsheet, designed to take the thought out of the individual focal points by creating columns for each SEO attribute you’ll want to include on every page.

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