Here’s a question brought up during a recent ClickZ webinar you might be interested in.

Does it make sense to pay for clicks on search terms so small there is not enough data to get any volume information?

Laura Centore from iProspect points out that data wins in this scenario, and that using these terms in your campaign could work if they are providing revenue. It’s important to make sure that the right measurement tools are in place to see if they keywords are actually working for your campaign.

Andrew Wheeler from iProspect says to “test”, and in most cases you’re covered by having broad match variations of your keywords. Review referral and performance data.

Katherine Shappley from Microsoft says “at the end of the day, chasing the long-tail is really about time-in versus value-out. You really think about how valuable are those long-tail keywords in comparison to the time you are spending managing them? If you’re managing keywords with a very low impression volume, you might want to consider separating them from your high performing ones so that it doesn’t affect your overall Quality Score.