If you’ve attended one of my SEO Seminars or workshops, then you’ll know how much I preach about the importance of content as it pertains to higher search engine ranking. I didn’t coin the knowledge, but I can probably take credit for the statement, “The QUALITY of your content will INFLUENCE your RESULTS”.

I know this to be true because I have the analytics to support it. You can’t just throw your brochure on the internet and expect to make money. Unfortunately, time, thought and a little creative content writing are required for you to get to your desired result. Watch the video below to see my stats and learn which great SEO Content Writers I use and recommend:

My Recommended SEO Content Writers

There are two Writers I respect and trust who have proven themselves and their work to be nothing short of incredible: Karanai Ravenscroft and Michelle Quintana. Karanai’s rate and speed of delivery are unparalleled to anything I’ve ever seen. She picks up a project and runs with it. Michelle’s team has produced some amazing content, which I’ve personally read and been impressed by; however, I’ve never personally used their service.

Click here to download Karanai’s biography and here to read a sample article she wrote earlier this year. Below are the links to contact both writers, which I do strongly recommend if your goal is to convert visitors to sales.

  1. Contact Karanai Ravenscroft
  2. Bulldog Creative Copywriting

Who Do You Use for Content Writing or Editing?

Share your recommendations below and provide links to some examples that showcase their work.