Do you have a Facebook fan page yet? If not, you need to make one as quickly as your fingers can blitz across the keyboard.
We write about social media all the time here, but often when we speak with potential clients we learn that  they are not taking advantage of it. Make no mistake: it is well-worth the time and effort to create and maintain a great Facebook fan page for your business or brand, no matter how large or small. You can apply SEO strategies to fully optimize your page, and help you connect with customers.

Why Have a Facebook Fan Page?

This article had some great information, most noticeably the figures from Cone, a social media marketing agency. Cone’s results showed that 77% of new media users want online incentives from brands, and 28% of them want to be entertained. Folks, those are numbers no one can ignore. And it gives you tremendous room for creativity. You can upload fun videos, create raffles and contests, or just plain interact with customers. It’s easy, fun, and is plain ‘ole good marketing.

Best of all: Facebook makes all content shared on its pages indexable by search engines. Yes, read that again! Excited yet?

Who is using Facebook Fanpages?

More than just local garage bands and celebrities, that’s for sure. Coca-Cola and Oreo both have pages, and used them to launch a year-long social media campaign and an interactive game, respectively. Mason Cash (one of this blogger’s personal favorites, because I love to bake and can’t ever have enough bakeware) is using their page to host a contest for Valentine’s Day. The prize is a Mason-Cash mixing bowl…and that enough is reason for people to post on the wall and interact with the company.

So, can you use the same strategies these huge companies are using? Absolutely.

Absolutely go and check out this article on 10 Key SEO Strategies every Facebook page owner should know. We’ll sum them up here, but it’s worth the time to read through the article.

Ten Things to Do to your FB Page

1. Choose the best name for your Facebook fanpage, and don’t change it. Really, the best name for your fan page is the name of your business.

2. Create a great URL ( Facebook username) for your fanpage. You can now choose a vanity URL for your facebook page, which is awesome for SEO strategizing. It allows you to put important keywords right in your URL. However, you do have to have at least 100 fans before the option of choosing your username becomes available to you. If you don’t already have 100 fans, recruit them. Go on, reach out to that third cousin who friended you a year ago (and whom you haven’t connected with since).

3. Put keyword-rich content in the “About” text box near the top of the page.
Do we really have to go into details on this one? It’s keywords! Right there, on your page.

4. Put more important keywords, content and high-quality links in the “Info” tab.

5. Create “Static FBML” boxes and tabs for lengthier content and more static links to your page. Just be aware that each tab is viewed as a separate URL to Google. Instructions on how exactly to do this are in the link above. Another reason to go read the original article in full!

6. Post direct links to your website in your page’s stream.

7. Add photos with captions, events with descriptions, and a discussion forum. Remember, it’s always important to add good, fresh content wherever you can. Do include text and keywords that you want to rank for.

8. Link to your fanpage from all of your websites.

9. Get fans to comment and “like” your content. This is just good reciprocity, which is good SEO strategy.

If you’re not convinced yet…

Chances are, you already have at least a personal Facebook page. You know it’s free, easy, and billions of people whittle away hours on Facebook every day! A little bit of effort can reap serious SEO rewards. Take the time to really optimize your business page and see what happens.

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