Watch this video for a quick tutorial that may help you learn where your competitors are traffic and links from third party websites. Your competition most-likely won’t know what’s going on as a portion of their market share disappear right before their eyes. This tutorial will best help you:

  1. Drive additional traffic to your website where competitors may be already
  2. Increase your search engine ranking by randomizing your link distribution strategy

How Do Links Work for SEO?

Several years ago, a group of webmasters got together and discovered a huge exploitation in Google’s algorithm by linking to the biography page of former President George Bush, using the link text “miserable failure”. The page ranked #1 in Google for this query for at least 3 years before Google decided to make a few critical modifications to their algorithm:

  • In January 2007, Google adjusted their algorithm to:
    • Remove some negative terms from linking patterns
    • Require a distribution of varying link text (non-explicit)
    • Require diversity in search results (not just listing blogs in the SERPS)
  • In June of 2009, the Vince update gave more weight to brands

Therefore, establishing your brand online in conjunction with earning links to your website in an organic, non-explicit way, could increase the probability of achieving higher ranking.

Where to Get Competitor Link Data

I use (or OSE), an tool. OSE allows me to not only see a major portion of the links a competitor has pointing to their website, but also to rank the links by importance. Do this for several competitors, then aggregate your findings and purge the duplicates. Oh, and don’t forget to re-sort the data by importance if you haven’t already.

Watch the video above for more info.

More About the Vince Update