Why are Links Important?

If you’ve seen the recent SEO Ranking Factors for 2011 article from Rand Fishkin, you already know that links makeup for approximately half of the total ranking criteria. So if you have earned high quality links, you’re halfway there.

Pie Chart Showing the Google Algorithm Make-up According to 72 SEO's

How Do Pros Build Links?

Well, I can tell you how they don’t build links. They don’t hire some firm in Asia to add links to random WordPress blogs they created that also host links to their other unrelated clients. They don’t put links in sidebar “Sponsored Links” menus, footer link farms, buy “social bookmarking” services, or buy Mega Link Packages from link brokers. These types of techniques have resulted in banishment for to major brands recently: Overstock and J.C. Penny. Don’t let this happen to you.

What companies such as the underground boutique firm SEOperks do, is help websites build authority (23.87% of the algorithm according to the study above), and apply a hybrid of technical and marketing genius toward a 12-month visibility campaign. It’s sort of like standing in the corner in a room full of paparazzi and having someone point over at you and say “there’s one!”, or like having a huge marketing magnet attached to your website that draws visitors in from interest alone.

Techniques used by the pros also include the basic, most fundamental steps:

  1. Using tools such as OpenSiteExplorer.org to index and prioritize links competitors have earned
  2. Secure placement in the most trustworthy Internet directories, such as BBB.org
  3. Make a few phone calls to vendors, partners, affiliated associations, and chamber of commerce offices
  4. You get the idea

Advanced link building techniques can get rather technical and in some cases require brilliance and innovation. Examples of such that I’ve personally witnessed Nate Dame and his SEOperks team execute, have included:

  • Writing authoritative articles and conduct internal surveys for colleges and universities
  • Rotating sentence-based in-context links under embeddable widgets (simple sample)
  • Get clients involved in local government events
  • Build comprehensive microsites on extremely high PageRank domains, with quality content about very specific topics
  • Participate and even facilitate a robust study on an important industry topic (link bait)
  • Assist with blogger outreach campaigns and social media buzz
  • Guest blog for writers who just haven’t had time
  • A ton more

Free Link Building & Baiting Workshops

I don’t normally do this, but for the month of June, I’m giving my readers complimentary access to 2 of my best SEO Workshops. If you found either to be useful, I encourage you to ask Nate for a free link building consultation (3 of my clients called just to thank me for the introduction). SEOperks can be reached at 440-220-5626
or by using the form below. Enjoy the workshops and please give Nate a call. I’m not sure how many more clients he can handle at once (so grab him while you can!).