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There are a lot of video marketing professionals out there. Most of them spent the greater part of the last decade fine-tuning their skills, locking down optimal video compression, file types, ratios, and search engine optimization. Most of those experts will never share, simply because it took them too long and they are now just too specialized.

Then there’s Video SEO Expert Mark R. Robertson of ReelSEO.com. You’ll find Mark as a featured speaker at just about every search engine conference speaking on the topic of (you guessed it) video marketing. We’ve had the pleasure of seeing Mark speak at several recent events, with topics such as legal considerations of posting videos with copyrighted content, optimizing video for higher placement and maximum views in YouTube, and other key topics centered around video SEO and video marketing in general.

In the video below, find Mark Robertson speaking with Dave Holland of SmartVideo, at a StreamingMedia.com event. You’ll hear a number of optimization tips you might not have even considered, as well as some tools to help make the job easier. Definitely share with your marketing team, particularly your social media department who could benefit the most from learning how to optimize social video content for increased sharing, views, and ranking.