In the last tutorial, we covered Internal Link Building, which involved making some improvements to navigation and links to your own content. In this tutorial on Basic Link Building Strategies, we’ll be covering what I like to call “Phase 1 Link Building”, which involves the most obvious links you can acquire.

Quick Tip: If you are a business that only serves your local area (i.e.: plumber, locksmith, limousine driver, florist, restaurant, etc), I recommend coming back to this section and starting with the tutorial on submitting your business to local business directories and search engine maps.

Here’s your video tutorial (for Premium Members), I hope you’ll enjoy it:

An Overview of Importance of Links

As mentioned in SEO Fundamentals, there are three main focal points to a good SEO strategy: Content, Links and User-Choice. But how much do links really affect search engine ranking?

A quick search in Google for the phrase “click here” will produce several odd results, none of which contain the keyword phrase “click here” anywhere in their source code (HTML). Why then do these websites (particularly rank so well for a keyword or phrase that doesn’t exist on the website? Simple: External Links linking in to your website with link text (anchor text) containing a keyword you would like to rank for. When former President George Bush got hit by 200 webmasters linking in to his biography page with “miserable failure” as the link text, the Internet Marketing community knew they had discovered a major part of the algorithm. The experiment, by the way, was deemed a “Googlebomb” and not considered a best practice.

Phase I of Your Link Building Strategy

Below is partial screenshot of a Gantt chart I use with many of my clients, followed by a number of techniques you can use in the Basic Link Building phase. It shows a typical 12-month campaign with Basic Link Building techniques:

Phase 1 Link Building