If you’re not thinking about that guy in line behind you playing on his iPad when you’re thinking of your Mobile SEO Strategy then you might want to read this post. Mobile is taking off and tablets are just the start of it. With a few simple steps, you can ready yourself for next-gen mobile search engine optimization.

Why Should You Care?

I attend as many conferences, workshops, seminars, webinars, and Meetup.com groups as I can afford to. What I’ve learned in the last 3 months is that we are going through a revolution in mobile marketing. I’m not talking about an increase in use, I’m talking about a 674% explosion in real mobile purchases from iPads alone from April to June of 2010.

Don’t believe me? Check out this screenshot from one of the Google Analytics accounts I monitor:

Screenshot of Google Analytics Showing a 600 Percent Increase in Sales

Yah, that’s 674% growth my friend. Now let’s compare tablet revenue and order data as compared to Blackberry, iPhone and other mobile devices:

Screenshot Comparing iPad to Other Mobile Devices

As you can see, the day of the Blackberry is over and our emphasis must now shift to optimizing our websites for iPad and Google Tablet users (don’t think it’s not coming). Here are some tips that may help you get started:

  • The same principles apply to organic SEO as they would to iPad and tables (Google.com is still Google.com)
  • Using browser detection, you can send your iPad user to a Special Offer for iPad (or GT) Users page
  • Add iPad and Google Tablet to your Quality Assurance and Usability checklists
  • Make your checkout process as quick, easy and tablet-friendly as possible
  • If you provide services to a specific geographic are, spend some time reading local SEO tutorials
  • Offer a way for users to toggle between iPad and “normal” view that only appears if the browser detects the iPad
  • Larger fonts are definitely helpful on mobile devices
  • Adobe Flash does not currently work on an iPad without applying a hack
  • Use the pages already mentioned in the last bullet as a guide to reconstructing your own website

Are You Ready for iPad Sales?

You better be. I’ve learned that the days of the laptops and desktops are going to come to an end over the next few years. Tablets, mobile devices will be in every school backpack, attached to walls in public buildings, available for lease in public libraries, and will eventual replace the need to view the internet on our mobile phones. You know what that means right? Mobile phones will be integrated into Bluetooth devices that connect to iPads and other tablets, so you’ll dial from your tablet or dashboard device and not have a need for a big ‘ole clunky phone any longer.

It’s coming. Are you ready? Share your thoughts below.