I’ve had the great privilege of working with an intern here from Germany over the last several weeks. I only wish I had been able to give him more time. Let me tell you about this incredibly talented young man from across the globe. Unlike many IT students, Harun possesses a passion for learning marketing (particularly inbound marketing). He is online almost as much as me; of course nobody does a 20 hour work day like the Wiide-man.

Harun is a fast learner, who can execute an Obstacle Analysis Report (OAR) in 45 minutes flat – he’s done two already. He’s launched two websites using WordPress and my SEO in a Day methodology. Harun keeps up with my fast-paced learning style and asks questions when he doesn’t fully understand a particular topic or issue. He’s got an amazing attention to detail and takes his work seriously.

He’s going back in a week from now, but by the time he’s done, he’ll have accomplished the following:

  • Completed a full SEO Audit & Baseline Report of 2 websites
  • Computed organic search data for benchmark reporting (Google Analytics)
  • Installed and optimized a CMS for higher search engine ranking
  • Installed and optimized multiple SEO plugins, such as Robots Meta, XML & Static Sitemaps
  • Configured several conversion/action queues and validated Goal Tracking in Google Analytics
  • Built a number of back links from various relevant channels
  • Assisted with Link Baiting Strategies
  • Put up with my eccentricity and hectic schedule
  • Had a little fun in L.A. (hopefully)

Here’s a photo from our first meeting:
Harun SEO Intern

Thanks Harun for doing a great job assisting my team and being patient with me (I still don’t know how my wife does it). I look forward to working with you in the future. Those reading, email me if you’d like to get in touch with Harun, the SEO Expert from Germany.